Build 206 is released!

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hommedelaroche© 26. huhti, 2012 7.35 
Great work on last builds. "Minecraft selection 2" is becoming more and more fun to play.
Dermoplast 25. huhti, 2012 19.21 
I hope I see alot of the type of clog barricades I saw in that video, they really look fun. I might actually play gorge now infact. I do like the wave spawning because that might encourage teamwork; a poorly planned attack gives the marines a good 20 seconds to push forward.
Juon Kiku 25. huhti, 2012 19.10 
Great to see you're updating the group as well.
JoeFabooch 25. huhti, 2012 19.01 
going to have to re download this!
JoeFabooch 25. huhti, 2012 19.01