Build 206 is released!

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hommedelaroche© 26. huhti, 2012 7.35 
Great work on last builds. "Minecraft selection 2" is becoming more and more fun to play.
Osteoplast 25. huhti, 2012 19.21 
I hope I see alot of the type of clog barricades I saw in that video, they really look fun. I might actually play gorge now infact. I do like the wave spawning because that might encourage teamwork; a poorly planned attack gives the marines a good 20 seconds to push forward.
♫Momone♪M-100♪Momo♫ 25. huhti, 2012 19.10 
Great to see you're updating the group as well.
JoeFabooch 25. huhti, 2012 19.01 
going to have to re download this!
JoeFabooch 25. huhti, 2012 19.01