Update 267 Released!

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jacob.rock Aug 23 @ 9:33am 
since this update i cant join any game ... always: "Your game files do not match the server's. Try verifying your game cache in steam, or.... "
Tryed to verify the cache .. no chance... nice Update ... no more bugs, not IMBA cause i cant play...
LadAussie Aug 22 @ 5:16pm 
There is always at least two full servers a night in AUS, and i assume it would be simmilar for America and other countries. I have had a game every single night i have went on since the summer sale. ps: macs are gay
ikir Aug 22 @ 4:41am 
Mac beta please
Phat Phat Palamino Aug 18 @ 2:03pm 
Im in agreement with you moop i bought the game a while back and iv had about 5 matches in my whole time playing that have been well populated, the player count has dropped immensly over the time and it a real shame really as the game is actually pretty fun!
Davini Aug 18 @ 11:52am 
Now i ask you, usmarines1278...
"Im thinking about buying this game, but from what I hear is that the servers are mostly empty?? Is this true?" :)
usmarines1278 Aug 18 @ 10:33am 
Im thinking about buying this game, but from what I hear is that the servers are mostly empty?? Is this true?
«(MooP)»™ Aug 17 @ 9:23am 
@AtzumBR the game is mostly dead I helped kickstart this game and ive watched the player count drop time after time I gave up on the game about a year ago.
AtzumBR Aug 16 @ 3:00pm 
i just bought the game today, spent about 45 mins trying to play a single match! Servers are completely empty, and it keeps crashing about 5 mins into the game (when I do eventually get in one)! First impressions are not looking good. Please fix these issues. I'll be staying off this for while until its updated.
rkfg Aug 13 @ 1:01pm 
>When I turned on the Russian language in the game, lost all the text. Not even see the menu. The only problem under Linux. Please fix.

Yep, it's a known issue and I've reported it already. Linux version also doesn't show cyrillic in chat (but does so in the console) and doesn't allow typing anything except ASCII chars. They'll probably fix it in 268 but no promises made.

For now you can return the default language via config editing. Open <steamroot>/userdata/36893399/4920/remote/options.xml, find the line with "ruRU" (it looks like <locale>ruRU</locale> or so, don't remember) in it and remove that particular line. The game should not be running while you're editing.
cjman93 Aug 11 @ 11:04am 
Great work guys, this brought me back to the game.