Natural Selection 2

Natural Selection 2

Build 257 released!

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notydino 2013년 9월 24일 오후 4시 14분 
Occasional crashes (1/10). Feels like 10% fps increase.
Win7 64, E8400 3.8GHz 260GTX@20%OC, 6GB RAM

98FPS in Menu
156FPS mineshaft RR
120FPS summit xroad
130-160 Docking RR
Low 40 during heavy combat

Anistro filter on
anti aliastng on
texture high
infestation rich
GreenFlame 2013년 9월 24일 오전 4시 27분 
dislegsya, I think this is one of the issues UWE are working on right now, I have same thing happening, we can either wait or try to do thing described here
TheStarBstard 2013년 9월 24일 오전 1시 47분 
(Failed to allocate xxxx bites) this is the crash report i get every time i try to play the game. Any 1 know how to fix this yet i am not seeing a solution here below
Festive Will 2013년 9월 23일 오후 5시 31분 
OK good
✴ Sekai 2013년 9월 23일 오후 1시 08분 
Toast Master I got the same problem with the crashing it usually happens when I'm loading into a game or on the main menu but I don't know yours might be worse sorry about that hope u get it figured good luck!
Toastmaster 2013년 9월 22일 오후 3시 27분 
Linux performance got considerably worse, and the game still crashes for me in Windows.
Girl-brains 2013년 9월 22일 오전 10시 46분 
The game and even main menu take a long time to load textures and such. This wasn't the case before. It's choppy and unresponsive until all of the textures pop in.

Also I still use a square-shaped screen and your UI is not adaptive to a standard aspect ratio. Things overlap and get cut off the edges.
brshers 2013년 9월 22일 오전 4시 15분 
be careful,you stoopid
BadLemon 2013년 9월 22일 오전 3시 01분 
still crashes :/ on 32 bit pc same error too
Jamon820 2013년 9월 21일 오후 12시 17분 
Failed to allocate xxxx bites is due to running out of RAM, at least in my case. Upgraded to windows 64 bit to take advantage of the additional RAM on the machine and it cleared it up.