Natural Selection 2

Build 258 delayed over the weekend:

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Dr. Clark 30 ต.ค. 2013 @ 9:21am 
Yes - lag is sort of an issue... But It's not that bad. My computer has not had any major issues with it. I am just tired of every other week my shotgun doing different damage due to the balance. Haha.
Tuna Roll 13 ต.ค. 2013 @ 9:52pm 
All I want is to fix the lag, ever since 257 the servers lag like hell and to reduce FT switch time from 1 year down to the same as any other gun. Cant even defend your self from a skulk after welding a building etc...
Apocalypse Tittie 13 ต.ค. 2013 @ 11:35am 
Stop doing ridiculous things to balance the game and give us back a realistic shotgun at least!!! No military on the planet would use this one. Spawn times are something new players may accept but I don't know any vets who can stand it. And as to other probs.... Physics,physics,physics.....come on.
FAUST 12 ต.ค. 2013 @ 11:04pm 
THANK GOD they are fixing the crashes!!
Lerk Hunter 12 ต.ค. 2013 @ 1:27pm 
YOU BROKE SUCH A WONDERFUL GAME!!!!!! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS!!!! JESUS CHRIST!!!! I am a long time NS and NS2 Player. I took a break from the game for a few months only to discover a completely fubar alien upgrade system and even more resource hogging gameplay (I am speaking of the hardware requirements not actually res node whoreing) You have disappointed me UW. While I once raved about this game to my friends I am not able to do this given the current state of the game. You broke my heart.
GreenFlame 12 ต.ค. 2013 @ 7:21am 
Well, few more days, it's fien with me. Though I thought of a temporary option to disable the new suits on 32-bit systems so we need less memory, but it's fine anyway, keep up the goodness =)
Serious` 11 ต.ค. 2013 @ 6:30pm 
No Worries, just keep up teh good work