Natural Selection 2

New Descent screenshot

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Veng 25 янв. 2013 в 14:11 
A game with progression for each match doesn't need a ranking system. What would you use it for? A nice shiny number next to your name that means nothing but show you've been playing for so-or-so long? Unless that number could go down to show you skill level. Then again... A shitty team could mess that up.
Stats are always fun to watch though... But I don't see it being a priority.
Ocean Grown 24 янв. 2013 в 19:59 
No but I agree stats do add some sort of objective one can set for the game.. Especially if you don't know many other people who play it, its something a solo player can set a goal too and acheive.. Even if the ranking system is as basic as Chivalry I feel it'd be better then not having one.
[Mz] Canyew 24 янв. 2013 в 17:42 
bondKI 24 янв. 2013 в 11:54 
Reynolds, if you only play games for´re doing it wrong.
Reynolds 24 янв. 2013 в 11:46 
Good game but the lack of stat and ranking system kill the game for most people.In game stats i mean not that ns2 stats.SO your to do list is female playable character, ranking system, in-game stats and new maps of course. Everything else is obsolete, irrelevant, not economically viable.

BAWB.BAGET 24 янв. 2013 в 11:28 
One can only hope this next patch includes balance/gameplay changes. Can't tolerate playing as Marines anymore.
Inuyashatheborg 24 янв. 2013 в 11:21 
OMG cant wait to go into spaaace!!!! Keep up the awesome work guys ..!!!
Thelonious_Monk 24 янв. 2013 в 11:17 
Looks awesome. Will be interesting to watch the community adapt and develop strategy for the new map.
Teunis 24 янв. 2013 в 11:16 
wow cool