Autumn sale, 75 off!

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Catrik 24 nov 2011, ore 12:19 
Why am I seeing -50%, not -75%?
Dieselpunk 23 nov 2011, ore 19:47 
@Mike I agree. So with 75% off, can I receive 75% of my money back? I pre-ordered the game way back when and am completely dissatisfied because it seems that we won't be getting any more decent updates...ya know, those things and fixes the player-base has been requesting such as AI pathing and so on? At this rate, it's probably better to commit to a F2P can pay for cosmetic features with those too--which pretty much covers most of the updates for MOW:AS.
TRIUMPH 23 nov 2011, ore 13:26 
Good Stuff. Time to invite some good RTS players to come try this.
Mikel 23 nov 2011, ore 10:47 
Get it? i regret getting it, hostile players, instant kick to anyone who's new or doesnt have the "required" points in their name. Pfft. Also if you expect a good campaign? youre better off with the first men of war.
Temario 23 nov 2011, ore 10:45