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Memories of a Vagabond

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We are proud to announce a new major update for Memories of a Vagabond. Please refer to the list of new features and fixes below:

- New skills and magics.
- New Game+ Bonus events.
- Misty from the secret saves now sells explosives.
- Fixed an exploit with the animal berseker minigame.
- Fixed a money exploit with the bast-ard sword crafting.
- Fixed a rare bug where the game was seeking RTP files and refused to launch.
- Fixed a rare freeze when not helping the mysterious girl in the ruins.
- Better collision inside the houses in Darengar (snow town).
- Fixed a crash bug when accessing the quest log after defeating a boss.
- Fixed a black screen when losing a boss fight with the main hero, but won it with allies and then returning to the boss area.
- Adjusted some spells and skills.
- Various other bug fixes.
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