Peasant Rebellion Night, starts 1 1/2 hours later!

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Zergling 2011年5月2日上午6:31 
"STR NOT FOUND" - someone know how to fix that problem. Just downloaded game from steam and with first launch got that bug (everywhere buttons changed to code)
85thKGL_Pvt_Marcus 2011年5月1日下午4:11 
send meeeeeeeeeee gameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
85thKGL_Pvt_Marcus 2011年4月30日下午7:31 
can anyone send me the game plz!!! i really want it it looks so good!
Joэy 2011年3月21日下午7:24 
You need to do more events like this, but without the mods.
The_Rollings 2011年2月21日上午11:29 
i need help, an did instal it, but is the same ting than in native mod!! mackes no sence!
The_Rollings 2011年2月21日上午11:28 
i was soo studid to do a batel me wiht no man, against 974 enemy trops... =(

and i wan the battel!! xD i am to good in this game, if u do ot beliveme, chalengme on an online batall, and u wil se what is good!! hahaha i do not fear deth, but u beter fear my blade!
The_Rollings 2011年2月21日上午11:25 
hi, u are all stupid boys!
The_Rollings 2011年2月21日上午10:52 
but, when does the server start¿?
(BCN)yankeejim1 2011年1月25日下午1:38 
can you make a patch with muskets and stuff related to it because i cant get mods to work