Mac OS X/Linux and Steam Workshop Support

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Bryant11902 Oct 16 @ 6:23pm 
for some reason i cant play multiplayer, when i click multiplayer in the main menu it doesnt load any servers, and on mac, i thought the arrow was supposed to be an arrow head or a sword. Please, Please, PLEASE fix this.
Spartan813 Sep 27 @ 3:26pm 
mount and blade warband isnt working on my winndows computer since july
Morphix Aug 30 @ 11:38pm 
I hope you can talk to steam about the upload limit for mods (200mb) becuase as is quiet apparent most mods are more then 200MB im not blaming you guys for the problem this is something steam side not the devs fault I dont understand why people dont know this and understand lets just hope steam will raise the mod upload limit so we can play mods with ease and use the workshop.
TouchTheButtONEOHONE™ Aug 29 @ 11:11am 
"Beyond Calradia
Discover Mount&Blade Warband's rich modding scene with Steam Workshop. Simply pick the subscribed mod from the game launcher and play!"

Sammy Rainbow Aug 26 @ 11:11pm 
plz let bigger mods be put in the workshop. PLZ PLZ PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
XxViperRussianxX Aug 23 @ 9:53pm 
i like this but i cant get the mods!!!!!!!!!!!! i sure a lot of other people cant get them but i want it when we sub we get it not going to go download it i cant download any of these mods so plz make it where we hit sub we get it becuase i hate mount and blade becuase nothing is new thats why i ame here for new things but i can get them becuase of the limit you guys have so plz make it where we hit sub we get i every one would be happier becuase we dont have to wait so long just to look for it and then download you know so plz make it that way thank you and fix plz becuase i cant get nothing!!!
chrismilesjouvet Aug 20 @ 1:32am 
I've bought the both M&B WARBAND and DLC NAPOLEONIC WAR:) likewise they both worked on my RETINA MAC OS but when I try to find the folder of M&B, unfortunatly it doesnt exist at all! Can you tell me is that a trick for mac users?
infinity_venus Aug 18 @ 4:21pm 
and mavericks runs great btw
infinity_venus Aug 18 @ 4:20pm 
what mods are on mac?
i had the game but now i have to repurchase wow