Masterspace v3.1

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Shallow Revelations Jun 4 @ 2:20pm 
comodo flags masterspace.exe as unclassified.malware.
sgt bonkers May 30 @ 10:20am 
Cool, excelent update.

Sure there are some issues with perks and inventory but I could have sworn I saw the word beta being bandied about. It's just the oportunity needed to start a new planet, a new mine, a fabulous palace and continue with the random cow killing...
albalma May 30 @ 6:37am 
I also lost all the contents of my inventory.
albalma May 30 @ 6:30am 
I had my game crash and now all my tools are gone, perks are empty, after having more than 30. They are unrecoverable and the reset button does nothing. Is this fixable somehow?