Life is Feudal: Your Own

Life is Feudal: Your Own

Time for a Your Own update (

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Jacob { IC } Apr 11 @ 8:55am 
It's awesome that you guys have been balancing the mounted and melee combat, im sure everyone is very happy about the new way to skill armor also. Good job guys, everyone can't wait to move into the MMO.

On a side note, whats going on with bows? I know crossbows have been redone, but that first person only projectile view, is really annoying and makes no sense...we used to have third person view for archers and it worked fine. I just think that if your going to force archers into first person combat, should do the same to melee. I know that would ruin the melee right? there you go, the majority don't like first person projectiles.

please put it back so the archers can enjoy combat like everyone else, especially the ones that like to be front line archers...I mean the last big patch to archery from what i remember was reducing the damage per hit....after forcing first person....that's really all I got.

Now bring on the archer bashing!
Raven7/Aragon/thorson Apr 10 @ 4:09am 
atleast finally we can flatten pavement and build on it, unbelievable it took them 2 years to make that action advailable to players when gm's coudl already do it. Lets hope they read up on the forum where I aswell as other people have written tons of ideas supported by a large community.
for example
Shahyr Apr 8 @ 3:51am 
@Master-T jepp, lots of changes but just teasers of what been promised year ago. seen video of that, animated/moving horsecart - but not implementet yet (like boats and ships and swimming and the sawmill). focus seem to have changed.

i know it's been an late alpha/early beta. i came here cuz of the setting, crafting and building- instead of just fighting (e.g. Mount&Blade). was happy bout multiplayer on own servers. but nowadays it feels a bit like left down, you paid for something you saw and believed in - but the promises don't seem to come true. most news been bout fighting and the MMO these days while still lots of things been buggy.
joining an MMO that way? building fields, lifestock and tools in hours and days. just to get online seen everything raided just because reallife is 9-5 +household and family. bet i stick to small YO servers i've already paid for.
MayK Apr 8 @ 12:23am 
tired to waiting this game. cya
Shing Lo Apr 7 @ 2:29pm 
I counted eight "fixed" things in the release notes, but found dozens of things wrong with the update.
Kuuhaku Apr 7 @ 6:08am 
I Like that the game still tryes to make changes and adjust stuff that isnt fully figured out and i like to play the game even tho im relatively new, with just a little over 100h but its kinde bugging me that i can barely do anythign right now :D Apr 7 @ 6:06am 
@elgar i fully agree with you:) i most say i do look forward to cart pull horse now :d but great work dev team! :)
Elgar Apr 7 @ 5:28am 

They released a new 64-bit version of the game, which IMHO was much more important and needed than horse carts, and which drastically improved performance. This is "fixing game first". Now they can make your horse cart.
Fox Harley Apr 7 @ 5:27am 
This is why we can't have nice things.
Master-T Apr 7 @ 5:24am 
No horse cart, no personal monuments, no trading post, no "sawmill", no diplomacy...

stoped playing year ago, same stuff didnt sad to see , wy da F@#*K cant you guys make a horse cart? is it realy that hard? you need more than a year for it.... than we still have the ripoff called the mmo...perhaps fix your game first before making al kinds of other bs...see you back in a year...