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Life Goes On: Done to Death is almost here! Since the release of Life Goes On in 2014, we have been working hard on improving, upgrading, and expanding the game.

So what’s new in Done to Death?
  • A new world called The Ruins (set in the sky), making up a total of four worlds and over 65 levels.
  • New levels that are longer, almost doubling the game’s total playtime. The levels are also more mind-boggling, and there are extra-difficult bonus levels for puzzle lovers.
  • New puzzle-solving mechanisms and tools such as dim-witted zombies and portals to transport knights.
  • More funny features and elements such as unlockable hats and weapons (think beanies and floppy fish).
  • The level selection map had gotten a complete overhaul, now including more art, sound effects, and a background story.

Current owners of Life Goes On will get this update for free! The game will auto-update in your Steam library on May 17th!
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