Dedicated Servers now available with Patch 1.5b

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Shout 30 июл, 2010 в 4:56 
only patch is all i need
Shout 30 июл, 2010 в 4:51 
where can i download it ?

mine is so lagged .. :(( i jst used laptop
Strycher 15 июл, 2010 в 3:39 
Wait,no graphics card required? The f*ck? That makes no sense at all. What does haveing a graphics card and dedicated servers even get together in the same sentence? Bud,you computer won't even start with a graphics card. What the... I am so terribly confused,I'm not sure you are from the same planet or even the same Universe for that matter. You have no valid points.
Bluecewe 24 июн, 2010 в 3:20 
Very nice job, though maybe the servers should not require a graphics card at all, seeing as it's an indie game and people wont want to use tones of resources to support it, they might just leave it be and then we would be missing out on dedicated servers which at the current time we need to get setup before the free weekend.
James 23 июн, 2010 в 2:25 
Congrats. Time for me to help promote this game.
JoeFabooch 23 июн, 2010 в 2:25 
This guy was first.
JoeFabooch 23 июн, 2010 в 2:23