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Hello, Heroes.

This update will include the following features!

1. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with St. Pat's Blessing!
(A Shot At Love has been discontinued and is no longer available in the Cash Shop)

The box will include items such as:
- Lesser PanPan Coupon
- King Leo Coupon
- Rainicorn Coupon
- Emperor Card (30 Days) Coupon
- Shining Dark Moon Macaroon Gem
- Shining Dark Moon Madeleine Gem
- Shining Dark Moon Eclair Gem
- and many more!

2. In Doge's memory, we are also introducing... Wait for it...
Casual Doge Set!
So doge, much wow! Show your inner doge with this not-so-casual costume set!

3. A few minor bugs have been fixed; we are still investigating the Ch.1 server issue, and will be fixed as soon as possible.

Guild Online Text Update
- The guild's Last Login text has been updated! Previously, the text was too long and caused the text to be unreadable. This has been fixed, and now, the text will read as follows:
"Just Now", if the player has logged on an hour ago or more recently.
"Inactive", if the player has not logged on in more than 90 days.
"Online", if the player is currently online.

- The text may also display some other numbers suffixed by "d", which stands for "days", "h", which stands for "hours", or both. For example, if the text reads:
"3d 8h", then, the player has last logged on 3 days and 8 hours ago.

Stats Visual Text Update
- In general, many stats have had the percentage sign removed, such as Critical Damage and Critical Rate. However, do not be alarmed, as this is only a visual change and your actual stats are not affected.
For example, an item that previously stated Critical Rate +3% will now state Critical Rate +3, while still functioning exactly the same way as before.

- The percentage sign is now reserved for stats that modify your pre-existing stats by multiplication rather than addition, such as Maximum HP +10%.

- Many stats also have had their names clarified.

Thanks, and enjoy~
-La Tale Team
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