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Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat

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Welcome to 21st Century Warfare

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Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat is a total conversion based on Valve Software's Source Engine. Insurgency immerses you into an intense multiplayer combat experience.

Set on the modern battlefields, Insurgency simulates modern infantry combat that doesn’t just encourage the use of teamwork and tactics, but makes it a requirement of survival. The current Operational Theatre lets you go head to head with guerrillas, insurgents and resistance fighters in Iraq and Afghanistan; placing you in the center of current conflicts like no other first-person-shooter. Immersive suppresion fire and damage effects, 1-shot-1 kill dynamics, and accurate weaponry ensure a pace and a dramatic tension that few other games can match.

Engage in urban warfare where every window, doorway or road block is a potential ambush point and every object on the street needs to be watched with care. Large outdoor maps with several different routes offer tactical challenges. In INS, teamwork means victory. Whatever you choose to do, Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat is sure to get your pulse racing and make your breathing feel heavy while you engage in such a unique and original combat experience. Insurgency has it's own pace, it's own rules, and it's own kind of player. If you think you've got what it takes, jump in!

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Since our last update over two weeks ago, Insurgency has seen a bunch of content and game updates which include the following:

- Experimentation with larger environments
- Introduction of cooperative game mode
- Map updates and improvements
- Initial implementation of realism mode (working with community to flesh this out)
- Various crash and game fixes as well as balance tweaks

Some of the things we have planned for the future:

- Push game mode
- Night maps with flash lights
- Light Machine Guns
- New gear customization options and further expansion of the current class system
- Map overview for better team coordination
- More multiplayer and cooperative maps including a few from the original: Sinjar, Baghdad and Almaden.

For a more detailed list of the things that have been changed since our early access launch three weeks ago, check out the updates section of our forums.

We are currently working on getting the game in Steam's new "Early Access" section. To learn more about what Early Access is, check out the Early Access FAQ page. In the mean time if you're interested in getting the game before it goes up on Steam, you can purchase a key on our website.

See you on the servers!
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