INSURGENCY Early Access has Begun

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Serg.MAX 10 март 2013 в 9:30 сутринта 
bel gioco
Jebus ech Chrimpst 5 март 2013 в 4:34 сутринта 
Just bought a copy for myself. The original Insurgency is one of the best HL2 mods i have ever played. I am glad that the developers are able to continue their work and potentially profit on it.
FPLA_998811 4 март 2013 в 4:09 сутринта 
FPLA_998811 4 март 2013 в 4:09 сутринта 
Why do you not use the Steam preorder system?
abeyance !!! 3 март 2013 в 1:40 следобед 
looks well good ^^
AussieWookie 2 март 2013 в 10:37 следобед 
Good game worht the 20
BAWBUE 2 март 2013 в 6:41 следобед 
Had fun last night, keep it up!
Ostwind 2 март 2013 в 4:32 сутринта 
Looks great
HAS312e 2 март 2013 в 1:31 сутринта 
20 bucks? why not give it a free to play instead? i mean most people will get the pirate version in the end, unless if this game has a singleplayer campaign, then that 20 bucks would have be worth it..

i dont know why.. even if the devs put it to free to play then it requires P2W stuff like "F2P player can only unlock till level 20 if you want to unlock full level then you have to pay "this amount" to unlock level 25"

or maybe just watch Total Biscuit's Content Patch then you'll might understand.
Ingenieur18 1 март 2013 в 10:25 следобед 
Why do you not use Steam preorder system?