Insurgency Patch February 22

301 Rate up
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SchericT May 26 @ 1:19pm 
three months after the update this "rare" bug that crashes the game after every map change still has not been fixed.
c0rn1x Apr 15 @ 3:00am 
2 month after update my stats and level r still the same no count for objectives kills nor shots.
Cayman Mar 12 @ 11:33am 
Rank system is broken
Hello everyone. How can I increase my rank? please
gambl$r Mar 6 @ 9:15pm 
Hey NWI,

Could you please look into the change that happened on conquer and some other coop modes taht completeley reduced the bot count.

You broke the game.

The fact that you are ignoring all the feedback about this in the forums is simply not cool.
Silvertel Mar 4 @ 8:26am 
agree completleyn with winch, conquuer is too easy and boring as hell now the bots have been ruined
randomguy376 Feb 25 @ 3:38pm 
lizer Feb 25 @ 10:50am 
Black Sheep Feb 25 @ 9:54am 
game still won't launch :(
Chocolate Starfish Feb 25 @ 9:53am 
>Updated translation files.

this ruined typefont for me