Molotov Spring has arrived!

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thebootypir8 2014년 4월 9일 오전 11시 05분 
I have had no problems with the update and recently went 72:13 in a game on Buhriz. One thing that can be improved on are the security weapons. Insurgents got FAL, but security got no new gun? Why not put a SCAR in there? That would be fantastic.
Witcher 2014년 4월 4일 오전 8시 03분 
и как себе игра на сколько тянит
STeRoYD 2014년 4월 3일 오후 2시 49분 
Как можно было выпускать настолько сырой продукт, такое ощущение, что он только перешел из альфа версии в бетта.
FalafelWaffle 2014년 4월 2일 오후 6시 53분 
update it's buggy , on mac at's kind of laggy .gameplay was WAY smoother before the update! I realluy hope this will be fixed cause i'm not enjoying playing since this update =(
Ibrahim! 2014년 4월 2일 오전 9시 13분 
wow cool
Рамзанка Дыров 2014년 4월 2일 오전 7시 15분 
Jack_, US Army sucks.
glub ♥Linux 2014년 4월 2일 오전 1시 03분 
Very nice update!
Jack_ 2014년 4월 2일 오전 12시 31분 
Play Americas Army
JuanDiego Montoya 2014년 4월 2일 오전 12시 24분 
Also, @ug | krooked. I find it disturbing how you call CS old+outdated garbage, and yet you call youself a "COD pro" and think you are as good as the pros in CS. If anyone thinks I'm a CS fanboy, think again. I am but "simply" balancing out the hate-love ratio here, as there seems to be too much hate. Tell me more about how you have to use console commands to get headshots, like using console commands to change your crosshair, or using commands in single player to practice, which also helps get headshots.
JuanDiego Montoya 2014년 4월 2일 오전 12시 19분 
I kinda wanted to get this game but the community... everyone intensely HATES CS:GO here for absolutely no reason (probably to make themselves feel good). I mean, stop COMPARING HOW THEY ARE PLAYED. Completely different games, both excellent in their own ways. For example, CS:GO requires good aiming and tactics (different than tactical playing like this game) and this game is mostly about good tactics. STOP HATING ON COUNTER STRIKE.