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Detective Shrek May 1, 2013 @ 3:44pm 
This is gonna be sweet!
Sweet! Snuffeldjuret Apr 30, 2013 @ 2:24pm 
Looking forward to it!
codeneo Apr 29, 2013 @ 8:13pm 
i love the old ins,and ins2 so far so about more weapon?i miss M249 in ins1
JBlum Apr 29, 2013 @ 4:14pm 
Don't worry Xorr, we are working on Push now and will have at least 1 push map ready to be played relatively soon, but these maps take a while so you won't see a handful of high quality ones for a couple of months. We would rather under-promise and over-deliver than the opposite... And as for classic INS-mod maps those are in the works as well. Apr 29, 2013 @ 3:28pm 
Hope valve releases CSGO soon, so we can enjoy this beauty on linux
Danny Apr 29, 2013 @ 3:17pm 
Keep up the good work :)
cash out Apr 29, 2013 @ 3:15pm 
Would love to see a squad based system! Also, some sort of addition to the HUD that lets us see who's talking. Great job, guys!
Xorr |LMC| Apr 29, 2013 @ 1:26pm 
What about classic INS-Mod maps?