New Steam Patch Live!

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FortKavanagh 28/nov/2011 às 20:31 
Iron Grip: Warlord and Lords of war 1 & 2 are "way superiorer" then that piece of garbage "Marauders", I just can't wait for the next patch, maybe they'll intraduce a new turret/mobile tank/ map or something!Can someone
please tell us something about the next big patch?
Rocky 16/set/2010 às 16:17 
Please, tell us something about the big patch! :)
Soundcreepy 11/ago/2010 às 22:54 
any more news on the big patch?
Flava Clown 6/jul/2010 às 10:51 
good news, i hope the patch will also fix some spawn point issues, which you can find in almost all maps, where you face a wall while spawning.

btw. if you need a beta tester for the new map, feel free to contact me ;-)
avp2501 6/jul/2010 às 10:27 
Good to see new content on the way - This game is a hidden gem.
m2901 6/jul/2010 às 8:33 
Thank you for the patch. It fixed a few issues I had. I hope you can announce a rls date soon for the upcoming patch (can't wait) :)