Summer Camp achievement

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Fudge 4. heinä, 2011 4.38 
I've Emailed though, but no luck. I will need to re-purchase the game to get it on steam.
Saints 3. heinä, 2011 17.23 
Others have the same issues, one lad mentioned he got the Knife achievement when he reached 25 kills, having 37 vehicle kills (in the same game) did not do it for me, although, I did die once or twice inbetween(but the description didn't state that you have to be alive throughout), as for the medic one, it having 0% on the global achievement page says it all, unless it have to be real players that you heal(then again, the description does not state that).
Evros94 (Nikos) 3. heinä, 2011 17.11 
@Fundge, send an emial at . I think Ica do something about it.
@Saints, hmm maybe you are right. I'll wait and see if other players have problem unlocking them or understanding them.
Saints 3. heinä, 2011 16.48 
Fix the description for these achievements as soon as possible: "No ‘Modern Warrior'" and "The Bigger They Come..." because the description is clearly not accurate or one of the two are broken... And the "Diligent Medic" achievement seem to be broken, or again, the description is not accurate at all. I have done exactly what the description states, yet, no achievements. Nothing, absolutely nothing is wrong on my part as I could earn other achievements just fine and having already verified the game files I'm already good. Much appreciated if this was to be fixed, preferably as soon as possible.
Fudge 3. heinä, 2011 16.39 
What about non steam users? can we activate on steam?
Centy 3. heinä, 2011 16.39 
Unless it doesn't trigger which is always fun. :|