HOARD: Flame-Broiled SANDwich Pack now available!

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Komentarzy: 5
Enclaver 24 sierpnia 2012 o 4:13 
I am up for a Hoard multyplayer any mode, if u are still playing add me
Shadow 7 sierpnia 2012 o 23:43 
looking for a co-op player.. please add me if you still play
Mateus Buffone 1 marca 2012 o 5:20 
I loved this dlc. Keep them comming.
Addlepated Ed 25 września 2011 o 9:11 
Hey keep going with these updates! That said, I got an idea! Since there's already a winter map, why not do a Christmas theme conversion? The princess could be either of the Clauses, the wagons could be sleds full of toys, and the archers could be the elves. Not sure what the knights would be though, but the horses would naturally be reindeer :D
Bloodycrow 22 września 2011 o 11:32 
If we support this sort of thing, will we get to see a Level Editor? =D