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Ver.1.58.0 released!

Thanksgiving Decoration!
Happy Thanksgiving! All stages have a special Thanksgiving decoration!
The Sacred Armors are also decorated so check them out!

Happy Stars Galore Campaign Now in Session!

We’re holding a special campaign that’ll let you obtain extra Happy Stars from battles!
During this campaign, the amount of Happy Stars you can get from Quick Matches and Co-Op Mode matches goes up by 30%!
Happy Stars are used to spin the Happy Spinner to earn various items and for Item Level-Up and Item Modification!
Don’t miss this great chance to stock up on your Happy Stars!

Happy Cards Limited Edition Now in Session!
This is your greatest chance to get powerful items!
Happy Cards Limited Edition is now in session! Don’t miss it!
  • When a super-premium item is drawn, one of the Featured items will appear at a rate of 50%!
  • Each time you open a Card Pack, you get at least 2 star lamps lit!
  • Happy Cards Limited Edition can be accessed from the “Play” menu.

Featured Items
The featured items for Happy Cards Limited Edition with this update are as follows:

  • 「Genocide Axe」
  • 「Dragon King's Wand」
  • 「Military Blackjack」

This offer is limited time only and ends on December 7th (UTC).
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