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Ver.1.63.0, last version released!

Last Update
Thank you for sticking with us all these years! This is the game's last update, as Happy Wars for Steam will be discontinued on February 16th.

We all had a lot of fun playing Happy Wars on Steam, so let the fun continue on Windows 10, Xbox One and Xbox 360! You can transfer your data to any of these platforms by clicking ""Start Transfer"" on the game launcher and following the steps indicated. Just remember to do it before transfers close on February 16, so you can keep your items and progress! Happy Wars for PC continues on Windows 10 with the latest content, such as Boss Missions and user-designed items. Transfer your data and let's all keep fighting in Happy Wars!!

Valentine's Campaign!!
Happy Valentine’s day!
To celebrate Valentine’s day, we are giving out gorgeous gifts.
Celebrate Valentine’s day in Happy Wars with your new cute weapon.
  • Heart Shield
  • Happy Card Free Pass : 3
  • Warrior Sticker : 1
  • Cleric Sticker : 1
  • Mage Sticker : 1
  • Spawn Stronger Free Pass : 2

Happy Cards Limited Edition Now in Session!
This is your greatest chance to get powerful items!
Happy Cards Limited Edition is now in session! Don’t miss it!
  • When a super-premium item is drawn, one of the Featured items will appear at a rate of 50%!
  • Each time you open a Card Pack, you get at least 2 star lamps lit!
  • Happy Cards Limited Edition can be accessed from the “Play” menu.

Featured Items
The featured items for Happy Cards Limited Edition with this update are as follows:

  • 「Team Six Helm」
  • 「Giant Strawberry」

  • 「Team Six Armor」
  • 「Fairy Tale Suit」

  • 「HW 416」
  • 「Lollipop Mace」

  • 「Anti-explosives Shield」
  • 「World's Best Cookie」

These campaigns are only available until the game is discontinued on February 16th at 23:59 (UTC)!
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