Wayne the Strider #1

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0range May 2 @ 4:50pm 
looking nice
FO Apr 13 @ 5:54am 
Yes the whip can pull enemy to you but of course theres range on it, just shoot the damn thing if you dont want to get pull, -AntiWayne-
Sonitorum Apr 12 @ 11:02am 
@Mikedot, a WHIP that can block bullets...? lol
Jeremiahs14 Apr 12 @ 9:14am 
This could be a very good character!
Bombay n Lemonade Apr 11 @ 8:23pm 
He looks like the type of cowboy you'd see at a gay club. No thanks venister.
BachBreaker Apr 11 @ 5:09pm 
It's nice to have a character that differs visually from the other.
JinNJuice Apr 11 @ 3:13pm 
MAIET, you know very well that tumbling isn't something new. Don't you kid us, hurr hurr. Anyways, giving it superarmor? That's interesting to combat against melee, but the same things that cause Max the Shield Trooper to flinch from his gun firing superamror should affect Wayne's tumbling as well. Otherwise, giving him a much more mobile superarmor than others would be overpowered.

So his E pulls someone in with his whip? Hmm... I can see that working, maybe. His R being a launching attack? Does that mean his alt attack does something else? And what would be his Q? MAIET, you tease me so.
Count Longardeaux Apr 11 @ 12:15pm 
A whip that pulls enemies to you? Ok, but regular melee combos are usually confirmed kills, so unless he has a shotgun or something, pulling enemies to you seems like a bad idea in most cases.
Razzi Apr 11 @ 10:48am 
@Sig - I honestly don't think Wayne will have much of a problem dealing with Ivan Snipers, considering that it's so easy to just pull out any melee weapon and defend yourself from sniper shots (it's honestly baffling to me that on one ever defends themselves from snipers except Max players)

Although, it makes me wonder how/if Wayne will be able to block attacks with his whip...
Either way, I'm planning to main Wayne so hard, regardless if he's "good" or not, because hey, he can't be any worse than Max.
LeonardoW Apr 11 @ 6:42am 
Yes! Tumbling is back! Tumbling always gave that "Matrix" feeling in GunZ 1, and i always wanted to be able to do it in GunZ 2.