Coming updates and known issues - 05/28/2014

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OLS_Matsko™ Jun 20 @ 1:13pm 
will we still be able to access these accounts after beta? and is there a founders package or is that just other versions?
Skyrisen 空 Jun 18 @ 9:26pm 
Work on the Clan features like: Clan Emblem, Clan wars, etc.
Next that is nice and necessary is the gift and trade system
TornadoStorm Jun 2 @ 3:45am 
PLEASE let us be able to change regions! I'm in Africa and NONE goes online exept me :'(
PCnerdDR Jun 1 @ 1:14pm 
ryupichu Jun 1 @ 8:15am 
or maybe bring back the monsters from the original gunz and more customization
ValkyrieEos May 31 @ 2:00pm 
Add something like Clan War!
BachBreaker May 29 @ 4:22pm 
Extra Perms op :c
Let's focus on a trading or gifting system maybe pls c:?
Wakarimasen May 29 @ 7:59am 
In my honest opinion, I don't think we should focus on friend lists and achievements.