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Dear Gunz2 players,

Hello. Today we have a notice about company change.
Actually, We already have mentioned about this through
previous comments, but decide to make a official notice to make situation more clear.

This game, 'Gunz2' was developed and serviced by 'MaietGames(Entertainments)' so far.
However, the IP(all rights) of this game recently(actually a few months ago) was taken over by Masangsoft, Inc.(actually us.)

And this doesn't mean the company M&A, only Gunz game.
(So, we actually don't know well about the Raiders title.)

And now, we are setting development team, and looking into game resources which we received and so on.(Shortly, game service preparing.)

And actually, it is taking more time than we originally expected.
(many difficult situation exists at our side. It's better than I skip this.)

Anyway, one thing is certain:
We got a game, and we will take responsibility consistently.
We never stop or quit this Gunz2's steam service. No plan about that at all.

During our this preparing period(it can take a few months form now.),
we think that you, dear Gunz2 players, may get angry and boring and uncomfortable because of some existing problems and server problems and no updates.

We feel very sorry about this, and try to make faster our preparing.
So, please wait for a while to this.

We are watching the emails which is sent to '' frequently. So, please use this when you have urgent problem.
(Especially, 1~2 short&simple sentences are very effective at now, because the email is kinda group email, and some of our group members are not good at English.)

That's all at today. We try to communicate with you, dear players, often
through this announcement.

Have a good day. Thank you.

Best regards,

Gunz2 Team
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