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This is the official group for Guns of Icarus Online, the team-based multiplayer online airship combat game set in a steampunk/dieselpunk-inspired, post-apocalyptic world. Captain or serve as crew aboard an airship with your friends and fly into battle to win wealth and glory. With a good ship and the right crew, you can dominate the skies!

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Christmas items

Workshop Items-
-Ava's Demon, created by Neareida
-Henrick's Maske, created by Constiii
-Clockwork Ouroboros, created by Ushabti
-Duck of the Wind, created by Tanya Phenole
-Jolly Rodger, created by SassyKat
-Sacrilege, created by Mr. Lambert
-Wings of Icarus, created by MacBernick

- Map grid lines now show at fixed 1km intervals
- Ship names now included in destruction log
- Skill descriptions now draw directly from configuration (so they can't get out of sync with the actual effects).
- Restored exclusive fullscreen mode as windowed fullscreen caused performance problems on many setups. If you still want windowed fullscreen, you can use the "-popupwindow" launch option.
- Added a small delay before transitioning to the match end sequence to allow viewing the final kill, capture, etc.
- Added different pitch for engine sounds at different speed levels

- Fixed broken highlighting in voice selector UI
- Chat box can no longer be opened underneath social dropdown
- Debug overlay no longer shows wildly incorrect framerate when first enabled
- Removed questionable parsing of special whitespace characters ("/t" for a tab) in chat
- Dyes can no longer be applied to hairstyles (formerly consumed the item but had no effect)
- Khovansky male hair can’t be dyed anymore
- Label is now shorter on moderator button
- Fixed a bug that caused ship customization to not function after “Unlock Loadout” was pressed
- Options menu: resolution now reverts if you decline to apply the changes
- Fallen Hero Cap description now refers to "Flight of the Icarus" instead of "GoI Classic"
- Character feet don’t clip through the deck during victory poses
- Animation for switching tools no longer delayed in 3rd person
- Fixed a bug that caused the wrong tool usage to be shown right after switching tools in 3rd person
- Fixed some cases where characters could get stuck on ship geometry
- Global chat no longer visible while transitioning from victory screen to lobby
- Spyglass and Range-finder now reset to default zoom level at the start of matches
- The title on the Sky League badge is now showing up
- Fixed "bounty rules" info box issue
- Made gatling gun impact sounds more noticeable
- Engines have the correct sound effect when returning from AFK (used to always play the “idle” effect)
- Fixed a rare bug that could cause multiple copies of a ship to spawn when respawning
- Changed “tophat” to "top hat" in item names for consistency
- Texture quality settings now has no effect on matchmaking UI
- Fixed a bug that caused players to be facing the wrong direction after using the Spyglass or Rangefinder
- Fixed ships spawning on top of each other on Duel at Dawn and Water Hazard
- Achievement checklist: default text added when there's nothing to display
- Lusse's Travels: added Anglean Raiders page
- Fixed player context menu not closing immediately after leaving in-game ESC menu (now closes on all UI transitions)
- Workshop Tool: using mouse wheel in file browser doesn’t change the zoom anymore
- Ship customizer decoration tooltips now show up when player has no decoration items
- Fixed a bug that caused the Artemis’s rocket to remain after being fired
- Reworked the effects of wind on ships for more consistency (no more extreme forces from certain angles on the Mobula, for example)
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