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This is the official group for Guns of Icarus Online, the team-based multiplayer online airship combat game set in a steampunk/dieselpunk-inspired, post-apocalyptic world. Captain or serve as crew aboard an airship with your friends and fly into battle to win wealth and glory. With a good ship and the right crew, you can dominate the skies!

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To enter the contest send your screenshots to!
The skies of Icarus have always held a great multitude of strange beasts from Ducks to Spacemen, from Gentleman to those that ride storms, and every other conceivable creature you could think of.
There is none more elusive than the Novice. A creature rarely seen for an extended period of time either running from experienced ships or learning to blend in with their crews. A recent storm has pushed many into our skies though and National Discovery wants pictures of them, we want them tracked, and we want to see their habits in action.  We will pay handsomely for these photo shots that we will screen (screenshots if you will.)

So professional and amatuer photographers gets ready to spot, track, and send in a bunch of pictures of this shy and sometimes violent beast.

Between November 18th till November 30th we will be running this contest and accepting screenshots. To play all you have to do is send in screenshots to and list what category you’re entering.

The winner of each category will get an exclusive National Discovery badge and any muse-made item of their choice from the store.

Best Photo:
Send us the screenshot that you most feels captures the essence of the Novice.

Novice Tracking:
Take a screenshot of the same novice on 3 different maps. The winner will have “tracked” the most novices

Novice Preservation:
Take a screenshot of a novice in your clan and online. Any clan member may take credit for the capture and the same capture can be credited to multiple people (of the same clan.) The winner will have sent in the most screenshots.

Novice in their Natural Habitat:
Take a screenshot of novices on your ship. The player that sends in the most screenshots of different novices wins.
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