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This is the official group for Guns of Icarus Online, the team-based multiplayer online airship combat game set in a steampunk/dieselpunk-inspired, post-apocalyptic world. Captain or serve as crew aboard an airship with your friends and fly into battle to win wealth and glory. With a good ship and the right crew, you can dominate the skies!

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Hello Everyone,
We are officially in Alpha now! This means a huge batch of content and first iterations of major systems for you to test out and give feedback on. Below you’ll see notes on everything from a new map to the first take on Alliance World Progression!

For Alpha, we have increased the viability of single ship and single pilot games, and we will expand regular group testing sessions beyond every Saturday at 12 pm EST. Stay tuned in the coming days for announcement of more days and times. If you have questions or issues with the update, you can always email us at feedback@musegames.com.

If you haven’t pre-ordered Alliance yet, you can now do it through Steam! Thank you so much for your support!

Once you pre-order, just send us an email at feedback@musegames.com. We'll give you a code to join us in the prototype, and you can have an exclusive first look at everything yourself and give us feedback!

New Contents
  • New (Assault) map: Seas of Alleron

  • It is known that the world has changed its face many times over. Now, Alleron wears an arid mask of sand and scorching heat. However, there is evidence that briny waters once bathed the obelisks that lay partially buried in the dust. Of course, this also means the seas left many valuables resources behind. Sifting sand and drilling through rock is a time intensive process, but a worthwhile enough endeavor that many parties fight over the production facilities that lie in the old seas.

Alliance World Progression Update

  • Claim territory for one of four factions - Anglean Republic, Order of Chaladon, Fjord Baronies, and Mercantile Guild
Alliance Character Progression
  • Improve your class equipment over the course of many battles. For the time being, your account will have the planned maximum number of Upgrade Points for your class skills. In the future, Upgrade Points will be unlocked via a series of achievements for each class as you complete matches in Alliance. Please go ahead and try to upgrade your skills. You will not be able to maximize all of them so choose carefully. Furthermore, the ability to reset your upgrades is not complete but is planned for the future. So… be even more careful. We are looking for feedback on UI/UX flow and the comments on the upgrade paths for items.
New Alliance Main Menu Background

  • Updates based on your current faction.
New Faction Costumes

  • Along with new faction selection screen showing off the costumes you can unlock.
  • For the time being, your account will have the basic level costumes from each of the four available factions. In the future, all faction costumes will be unlocked via Faction Progression (playing matches for a selected faction). In the Faction Selection screen, you will see the Elite version of the faction costumes as a what’s to come preview. Enjoy your new threads!

Boss Ships Die Harder

  • More dramatic deaths for all bosses.
Boss Weak Points

  • Bosses now have weak points that need to be destroyed in sequence, each with separate armor. They are now tougher on individual ships, but still fear teamwork.
  • Enemy bases defend themselves at long and short ranges - Beware of mines if you get too close!
  • Alternate time-of-day skies and lighting for Voyager’s Cove and Oblivion Approach
  • Better balance for “single player” (one ship, pilot only) mode
  • Loading screen images for new co-op maps
  • New map images for small Voyager's Cove
  • Move quest hotkey Q to another key to prevent people from hitting it by accident
  • Replaced some old armor breaks, updated explosion on escape vessels
  • Compass should show A, B, C for objectives instead of Shields
  • Barges no longer highlighted as enemies
  • Make our base on mini map look a bit different than objectives
  • In-match upgrades (from killing secondary objectives and bosses) indicated on UI
  • Hit feedback: now uses Skirmish-style hitmarkers and spotting colors
  • Fixed audio priority issues that could cause sound effects to go missing
  • Various targeting oddities with lightning and missile circus guns
  • Emplacements missing damaged LOD
  • Ship could jam through destructible walls without shooting it down or breaking it
  • Reappearing particles
  • Fixed some cases of cargo barges causing players to get stuck in narrow spots (ongoing effort)
  • Defense: Planes no longer skip the outer defenses to target the main base immediately
  • Collisions (played getting stuck) on new ship
  • Final Explosion on boss is being offset when rotated
  • Figure head spawning at middle of Alliance ship
  • Fixed some (excessively long) lulls in the action produced by the AI director
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