Update 1.3 going live today, servers down from 12pm-2pm US eastern

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Ewan612 Jul 23, 2013 @ 2:21pm 
In a crew formation lobby I can't see any games to join in the match list
Clowdosyde Jul 21, 2013 @ 5:15pm 
Good job !
Stilgar Jul 12, 2013 @ 6:32pm 
awesome! new ship! *eye twitching and drooling*
KiduKi Jul 9, 2013 @ 7:03pm 
Lerb the Mycologist Jul 9, 2013 @ 3:31pm 
Green Steel Jul 9, 2013 @ 3:27pm 
All sounds great
Nia Tahl Jul 9, 2013 @ 1:06pm 
Oh the Minelayer-squids. This sounds like fun.
smaster71 Jul 9, 2013 @ 12:08pm 
why can't they just release the adventure mode already, ace combat is sometimes better
MizuDG Jul 9, 2013 @ 10:25am 
^ Spades, it is coming June 2014... in other words, not any time soon
Spades Jul 9, 2013 @ 10:24am 
I certainly don't believe it is dying - far from it. They do however need to release that adventure thing and they need to release more info about it. I have mates who are all watching this game but they simply don't like PvP.