V1.3.1 live!

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Rekjo 2013年8月21日 12時38分 
Mac: Hey windows, what are you doing?
Windows: Playing videogames
Mac: Which one?
Windows: All of them!
(OG)Optix 2013年8月18日 3時34分 
This game is fun!
dalethomasvaughn 2013年8月17日 20時53分 
@Gavinrivera-DK , I play on a Mac because it's what I have. I don't need a PC except to game, and that's just not a reasonable expense for me right now. I also don't have any issues playing via Mac (or any other Mac capable Steam ware).
$†®3åM¥ 2013年8月17日 15時16分 
QuantumFlux it is supported on Mac i have had this game for almost a month now
Mr. Adventure 2013年8月17日 12時16分 
when is the big online rpg thingy update going to come out, you know the one with at world map and factions and cities with guildmasters and stuff?
Delectari 2013年8月17日 9時27分 
[CRPDM]Gavinrivera 2013年8月16日 11時47分 
@quantumflux , the thing is, Mac sucks. and no one uses a mac to play PC games (Unless you dont understand linux/microsoft/your a child.) So i dont see why the dev would need to put it on mac. It adds need for more people to swap over to windows because, at the moment, Apple is just doing terrible at what they are trying to produce.
SteventheSlayer 2013年8月16日 9時41分 
@adolfHatler: Probably never. I know the dev said that boarding wouldn't be a thing, and I doubt small planes would be either.
Tater the Potato Lord 2013年8月16日 7時10分 
Framezuk, the game is available on Linux, I think it should be available on Mac, too, as Linux is usually the last platform that is supported.
Framezuk 2013年8月16日 1時33分 
Is this cross platform? I'm an apple user, and have a lot of freinds on windows. Would we be able to play together?