Sandy Relief Items and Patch Notes

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a426creator 13 nov 2012, ore 13:15 
It's great (not about Hurricane Sandy), but i still have problems with connect to matches... Maybe because I'm russian, sorry for my english.
{ ᵒᴥᵒ } Ping 9 nov 2012, ore 19:57 
I think it's great that you guys are doing something to help the relief through your own products, i hope this helps.
Ancient 9 nov 2012, ore 18:22 
<3 this damned game.
STSchiff 9 nov 2012, ore 13:46 
Yea, right, great news, but WHY is this game released? in its Beta it was alpha, now it got the right to call itself a beta, but i think its far from release...
[RDBK] A4especi[BOT] 9 nov 2012, ore 0:34 
Great news!