Guns of Icarus Online

Last day of free beta!

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ALPHA 28 ต.ค. 2012 @ 11:08pm 
omg, start 29.10 at 23:00+... thx for this love...
Be Blue ! 28 ต.ค. 2012 @ 6:00pm 
ANeM 28 ต.ค. 2012 @ 4:57pm 
I feel a bit silly, I got a beta key from Steamgifts and then was too busy to actually play it at the time and forgot about the game entirely. Just tried playing it after watching TBs HyperWTF, and the servers are down. :(
MattMahh 27 ต.ค. 2012 @ 10:33pm 
I can't wait for monday now! I wonder if there will be another new zeppline...
𝓜𝓮𝓻𝓬𝔂. #TeamMeme 27 ต.ค. 2012 @ 7:58pm 
Thank you for the free beta, MUSE. The game is very enjoyable and can't wait for it to be unlocked on Steam.
Nachy 27 ต.ค. 2012 @ 1:43pm 
The beta was great, can't afford the game at the moment but planning to pick it up someday! Thanks for the great fun!