Beta v. 0.17 release notes

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SithLordManBat 2012年10月27日上午4:16 
More music! Too much of a good thing is always good!
Alby 2012年10月26日下午2:01 
Wow, it's going to be like a whole new game after this one.
Dark Lord of Trombones 2012年10月26日上午10:26 
Right. Thank you, good day, and hope to see you out there!
bluewyvern 2012年10月26日上午10:10 
Servers are currently down for the update, and we'll be up again in a few hours. This is a big one!
Dark Lord of Trombones 2012年10月26日上午9:55 
and why I still can't, even though I updated my version???
Dark Lord of Trombones 2012年10月26日上午9:53 
Is this why I wasn't able to connect after 12:00 eastern US time???