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Hello there! This is the Official Group for Gun Monkeys. If you're looking for a game with a stranger, hop in and challenge someone!

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Gun Monkeys ELE / Llama Freebies Tournament

ELE and Llama Freebies will be hosting a cross group tournament for Gun Monkeys! This is being organised by PunasurasRex and while is a closed tournament feel free to come along and check out the action!

The Date of the event is February 8th, at 8PM GMT (Subject to change)

Prizes are:

1st Place gets a $15-20 Game of there chosing
2nd to 4th place gets a copy of Aerena kindly donated by the developer!

You can view the brackets here[challonge.com] as well as get more information!
and the livestream will be available here[www.twitch.tv].

As an added bonus PunasaurusRex is planning to raffle off some copies of Gun Monkeys!
Come along and watch some monkey guts fly, make new friends and enjoy yourself!
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