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PC DLC1 Released Today!

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gryn_ 11 mar 2012, ore 6:08 
That's odd. I have no connectivity issues myself, perhaps a support ticket is needed.
Cactus Fanta 10 mar 2012, ore 14:42 
Matchmaking works like a charm but i get disconnected almost every time
Hans-Kurth 10 mar 2012, ore 11:48 
sorry but i really have to disagree with you. the matchmaking is very fast now, but the problem is that a large number of people cant even connect to ONE single match. this "DLC" is the worst thing i have ever seen. even worse is, that the devs dont reply on any of the posts which are dealing with this theme in their forums. if you guys would say: yeah we are here and we are going to fix this within the next month this would be ok but right now the only thing you are doing is to release an update wich is already known to be broken. now i just want to get my money back and i hope this is not what the devs wanted to achieve. its up to you devs it would even make me happy if you would just reply here. until then ill tell the people to NOT BUY THIS PEACE OF .... .
gryn_ 10 mar 2012, ore 4:02 
Fantastic Update! The matchmaking is now silky smooth :)