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hawec  [developer] Apr 20 @ 1:43am 
@Remri There seems to be a bug that the achievement is granted one item too early. This means that you are actually still missing the one that appears as ???. This'll be fixed in the next patch - congrats for almost filling up the necronomicon!
Remri Apr 19 @ 9:42pm 
I have all items unlocked it seems. I even got the necronomicon achievement in steam, however i still have 1 item that is just ??? in my necronomicon. Is that a bug or have i not unlocked something?
hawec  [developer] Apr 19 @ 4:53pm 
@BeardOfPrey Thanks for the suggestion!
BeardOfPrey Apr 19 @ 4:46pm 
If I could possibly make a suggestion, I find most of the enemies well balanced. They have obvious signs that show what attack they are going to use and give you enough time to avoid damage with a well timed dodge/parry. All of them except those rage inducing snails in the forest. Once their shell is broken they are so fast, they move through the character and their jump attack comes out with almost no warning. I find it impossible to fight one of these things without taking damage. Thanks again for the continued work on the game!