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Garry's Mod

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Garry's Mod

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In 2005 a mod was created that would change the world forever. That mod -- was Garry's Mod.

(and this is its official steam group)

Garry's Mod

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Hello! We're back with a look at the work of Crazy Knife, another scenebuilder whose work completely blew us away.

His obsession lies in bringing the real world into Garry's Mod, turning real rocks into in-game backdrops, remaking real-world frescoes, or tweaking architecture into impossible shapes. He's worked on builds that could be a snapshot of a real world street, but has also crafted surreal structures, sci-fi brutalist landscapes, and more. We really enjoyed hearing about how he turned mashed potatoes and Renaissance symmetry into Garry's Mod art, and we hope you will as well. Read about him and his work here.[]
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