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In 2005 a mod was created that would change the world forever. That mod -- was Garry's Mod.

(and this is its official steam group)

Garry's Mod

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A new client update has been released!

The entire change log is as follows:
  • Fixed a crash related to certain models and model detail setting
  • Fixed another crash related to decals
  • Fixed a very common crash to do with .png material unloading
  • Fixed a very old and common crash during loading screen when loading a map from an addon
  • Set r_radiosity back to 3 by default because 4 breaks community maps too much
  • Stopped reserved_spot from ever being created as it breaks ladders

This should improve client stability after previous update.

The update will be automatically downloaded when you restart your game.
Servers only need an update if they want the ladder fix.
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