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Garry's Mod

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Garry's Mod

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In 2005 a mod was created that would change the world forever. That mod -- was Garry's Mod.

(and this is its official steam group)

Garry's Mod

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Next Update
The next update is coming soon ( In next couple of weeks ). You can find a full list of changes here:
Next Update Change List[wiki.garrysmod.com]

While you are waiting for the next update, you can help us test the update to make sure that when it is released, it is as bug free as possible. You can learn how to help here:
How is Dev Branch?[wiki.garrysmod.com]

Thanks to everyone who is testing the next update and reporting bugs.

Steam Sales
Garry's Mod is currently on sale at -75%. If you ever wanted to buy the game for yourself or your friends, now is a good time!

In addition to that, Counter-Strike: Source is on sale at -50%. If you still don't own it and are experiencing missing textures and models in multiplayer, you can get it right now.

Sales are over.

I'd like to personally say thanks to everyone who is reporting bad content on Garry's Mod Steam Game Hub.

If you wish to contribute to the Garry's Mod community, you can find the Steam Workshop rules for Garry's Mod here:
Steam Workshop Rules[wiki.garrysmod.com]
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