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v2.6 Improves Trade Routes, Colony Events, Game Balance, and More!

Crusade Expansion-Only Updates:

Ideology Adjustment
Malevolence is fun! At least, that's what they keep telling us. We've reworked the Malevolent Ideology tree in Crusade to give a general bonus in negotiations rather than focusing on minors.

Starting Citizen
One is the loneliest number, so let's give you a friend! All of your new games will now start with a citizen so you can put them to work right away managing your economy, spying on enemies, or whatever else it is you coerce your friends into doing for you.

New Starship Mission
You'd better "be-leaf" it: a new mission to harvest Aurorus Trees is now available for you to take! You can use what you gather from them to fuel improvements or promotions for your citizens.

Galactic Civilizations III (Base Game) & Crusade Updates:

Colonization Events: Many of the colonization events are receiving updates to make the "evil" choice more profitable than before. We want to make sure that the urge to be malevolent isn't suppressed by players wanting to make sure they get the better benefits through benevolence or pragmatism. Now there's equal opportunity for all!

Trade Routes: We've decreased the amount of money you get from trade routes, but we've also substantially increased the number of trade routes that you can have. This makes trading empires a lot more interesting and lets you branch out even further into the galaxy.

Multiplayer: Custom factions are now available in multiplayer games! Until now, you've only been able to play with pre-made civilizations - now your personal creations can conquer the galaxy and take out your friends.

Mercenaries: The mercenary ships that you can hire from the Galactic Bazaar have been updated in order to align them better with recent economy updates.

Polish: Every time we play, we find something to improve. We've been working closely with our community to identify bugs and problems, so there are lots of "quality of life" improvements in this update.

The v2.6 update is ready and waiting for you in your Steam client! |

For a detailed list of updates, view the changelog here.
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