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We have taken your suggestions for new keyboard shortcuts to improve the user experience. We've also addressed stuck turns, missing sounds, and some gameplay issues. Read below for details.

New hotkeys
Arrow left / right --------Next / previous Shipyards
Shift left/ right ----------Next / previous IDLE Shipyard
R --------------------------Rush buy
DELETE -----------------Cancel building selected Ship

Arrow left / right--------Next/ previous Starbase
Shift left/right------------Next/ previous Starbase that has an available module

Ship designer
Spacebar-----------------Hotkey to toggle the visual display of anchor points on and off.

Planet Screen
Arrow left / right --------Next / previous colony
Shift left/right -----------Next / previous IDLE colony
R --------------------------Rush improvement
U ---------------------------Upgrade selected Improvement
DELETE ------------------Destroy selected Improvement
DELETE ------------------Cancel building selected Improvement.

Strategic Map
C-----------------------------Center map on the selected object
Ctl+S------------------------Save game
R ----------------------------Rush buy on the selected Ship or Improvement
U-----------------------------Upgrade the selected Ship
DELETE--------------------Decommission the selected Ship or Fleet

Change Log
  • Planets with the manufacturing slider set to 100% Military will no longer be considered idle.
  • Stationed ships now are properly having their maintenance cost reduced by 50%
  • Manufacturing points now being properly updated after reordering shipyard queue
  • If AI is significantly stronger than you, it will no longer accept bad peace treaty offers from you.

  • Jumping through a wormhole will no longer cause a desync
  • The AI can no longer decommission ships during battles. This would cause lots of weird issues, including desyncs and crashes in MP.
  • Battle preview window no longer causes a desync.

  • Updated appearance of keyboard input window.
  • Added new keyboard shortcuts suggested by our fans.
  • Command Window: Added cost and turn information for upgrading ships.
  • Metaverse button is now disabled if there's no internet connection

  • Ship sounds will no longer disappear in the middle of the turn.
  • Added new ship sounds
  • Shipyard are no longer missing ambient sounds
  • Fixed a problem where the "turn" button sound didn't play after a battle.

  • Starting the Altarian Prophecy Campaign no longer triggers the "For
  • Arcea" Achievement.
  • Fixed typos
  • Altarian Prophecy: One of the mission rewards was not properly giving the ideology bonus
  • Added a sanity check that makes sure we add in a valid waypoint in for our travel to prevent a stuck turn.
  • Fixed a problem where a destination tile was invalid when loading a save game.
  • If more than one freighters are completed on the same turn, the popup dialog for the second one was sometimes getting lost, causing a stuck turn.
  • This same fix will unstick save games with this issue.
  • Fixed a stuck turn where a ship is trying to leave a station the same turn that its faction surrenders.
  • The "Speak to" button will no longer be disabled in MP for the rest of the turn after trading with the AI
  • Fixed a case where the hotkey tooltip wasn't getting cleared.
  • Fixed a crash in the event processing
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See all 20 comments

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