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Welcome to Version 1.0.5, Build 6.5

This update focuses on lots of little optimisations and performance improvements as well as a fundamental change to how we handle our light ranges in the render pipeline, to help with ongoing performance improvements.

These light changes have made some aspects of the game look a little different ( brightness or fall-off ranges) and we will continue to tweak these values over future updates.

We are currently transitioning Fight The Dragon from an older version of the Unity game engine into version 5.0, which is an ongoing process while 5.0 is still in an unreleased state.

While we are working on this move, we have feature locked the game, so we don’t have to maintain 2 code bases/projects.

When the move to 5.0 is done and we are happy that we can move away from the older engine version, we will begin to work on new game and ACK features again.

Dual Shock 3 Controller support on OSX (finally)
We’ve finally had time to add DS3 support in FTD for OSX users, including new controller icon support and correct icons in the controller help.

1.0.5 (Build 6.5) Change List
  • Added Dual Shock 3 support for Mac, including new help in Pause menu

  • Lots of small performance optimisations throughout the game
  • Major Performance improvements in the Dragon Arena
  • Changed background in character customisation screen
  • Reworked layout of the “Press X to continue” messages after dying
  • World map icons will now look much more consistent at different times of day
  • Replay button will no longer appear after running out of scrolls in the Dragon Arena

  • Fixed issue where context menu in world map would reappear after deleting an adventure (controller only)
  • Fixed player 2’s camera not working correctly while player 1 is dead (splitscreen)
  • Fixed wrong back button being displayed in advanced filters for world map
  • Fixed visual banding in-game (dark lines)
  • Fixed some miscellaneous bugs
  • ACK: Fixed some navigation issues for controller

1.0.5 (Build 6.6) Change List
  • Teleport To Player menu now updates when players leave the game
  • Teleport To Player closes if open when player 2 drops out of local co-op
  • Notification UI now sits under the checkpoint UI

  • Fixed being able to use special abilities above your character level
  • Player 2 stats left on screen when dropping out (in menu)
  • If player 2 cancels drop in, player 1’s stats don’t re-appear (in menu)
  • Cancelling create new character in split screen drop in would prevent gamepad from controlling I (in adventure)
  • Black Rogue background colour was wrong in Create Character UI in Adventure.
  • Can’t create a new character in drop in an adventure
  • Interact icon was broken in menu for player 2
  • Can no longer click Pray when choosing a reward in the Loot Shrine
  • Fixed more splitscreen bugs in Loot Shrine
  • When player 2 drops out while in menu, player 1 can’t use START button on controller
  • Pause menu background for player 2 in adventure was not visible
  • Close button being shown at incorrect times in LogicBlock/Switch UI
  • Broken UI image in event picker and music selection in ACK
  • Logic blocks drawing lines for events that are not “triggered”
  • Logic blocks disabled during a playtest would not reset correctly when re-playtesting.
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