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Welcome to Version 1.0.2, Build 5.7 - Update #44!

Merry Festivus and Happy New Year to our awesome community!

This update will be our last for the year as we ramp down for a well earned break and some long overdue family time.

We will be back again around the second week of January for a little while, then we are taking another break until the start of February.

You may still see us on the forums from time to time, and we will try to stay active on support issues whenever we can.

We want to wish you all a safe and happy new year, and we look forward to continuing our journey together next year!

So, lets get into business….

Online systems Upgrade
We have upgraded or networking library to the latest version (a significant change) to try to address the ping and connectivity issues some of our players have been experiencing.

As the issues are only effecting a small group of players, we cannot guarantee this change will actually fix the issue, but it will at worst case allow us to get our networking provider involved (they were unable to support us on the older version we were on).

This change has affected/touched almost every bit of networking code in our game, so though we have been super careful to try not to add new issues to our code, until it hits wider testing we won’t know for sure.

We’d love to hear from anyone that was experiencing problems

This update includes a new version of our LAN server and WILL NOT work with the older version.

New NPC Animations and Icons
We’ve added three new NPC animation sets in 1.0.2 - Working, Sweeping and Guarding:

We’ve also added an Icon system to NPCs - an NPC can now display an Icon (Exclamation, Asterisk or Question Mark) which will display the selected Icon above that NPC’s head. The Icon will stay visible until somebody in the party talks to the NPC, it will then turn off for the rest of the adventure.

Changes to Reward adventure system
It’s been less than a week since we launched our daily rewards system, and though the results for the included adventures have been phenomenal, it’s clear that we have more adventures being created per day than the daily system can cater for, so we’ve change how it works, and now it ticks over every 8 hours, presenting you with 18 adventures per day.

We’ll keep monitoring the play counts of adventures over the next little while and we’ll keep working on the problem of discoverability of new adventures.

Improved text edit boxes
We have finally worked out that how we were validating our text fields was causing the text input fields to behave badly when trying to insert text, so we have started changing many of our text edit fields over to a new validation system.

One of the advantages (apart from insert working) of our new system is that you will get proper feedback as to why you can’t use the text you entered, but only when you try to submit it.

We have moved some of our text fields over so far (Comments, Reports, NPC Dialogue, Character name) but some of them haven't been done yet as they are going to require some breaking changes (Publish UI, Campaign UI etc) that we didn’t want to try JUST before we broke for holidays.

We’ll continue to move everything over to the new system in future updates.

1.0.2 (Build 5.7) Change List

  • ACK: 3 new animation sets for NPC’s
  • ACK: New Icon system for NPC’s (see above)
  • ACK: Added “Switch Behaviour: Attack” and “Switch Behaviour: Defend” actions to enemies
  • Added “On Killed” event to enemy spawners
  • You can now set your Level range for online games for players to be able to join

  • Fixed Rotation Lock setting using old name in in-game Settings screen
  • Can no longer receive effects (fire.lightning, etc) for a second after respawning
  • Host can no longer move into an adventure while a party member is in the customise screen
  • Online game stat display no longer clears while refreshing - spinning icon appears instead
  • Converted Daily Rewards adventures to cycle every 8 hours
  • Will now only show Reward adventure notifications on world map when some Reward adventures actually available
  • Improved controller help in Character Creation UI in menu
  • New text validation system
  • Can no longer open online panel while in Game Over screen
  • We now update online character info when going back to the menu
  • Self Destruct in game now has an “Are You Sure” box to prevent accidentally using it
  • ACK: Dashboard will no longer show “No Published Adventures” if it can’t retrieve stats
  • ACK: Large inspector panels (Enemy, Trigger, NPC) will now attempt to correct themselves if they’re partially off-screen
  • ACK: Improved UI sizing for large comments and reports in dashboard
  • ACK: Enemies told to attack the player will now switch to their Attack behaviour if they were set to Defend
  • ACK: Pressure plates can now be rotated

  • Fixed being able to click on Rewards and Leaderboards in Gallery while in Campaign mode
  • Fixed loot dropped in an online game not being scaled to your level (was scaling to host)
  • Fixed Eyes still following player when frozen or electrocuted (can still do damage though)
  • Fixed Ice Shield audio not respecting volume settings
  • Fixed player being able to get stuck in Dodge state permanently
  • Fixed Game Over being called incorrectly in split-screen when a player dies and the other player is alive and has 0 lives
  • Fixed controller soft lockout when kicking last player from game
  • Fixed p2 in splitscreen attacking in the wrong direction when p1 is using a mouse
  • Fixed ~ key blocking input for all players was using a controller
  • Fixed enemies not being able to climb up tiles with some props on them
  • ACK: Fixed a ton of controller help UI issues (thanks Karmik)
  • ACK: Fixed not being able to navigate past the second adventure in the dashboard after a reload
  • ACK: Fixed getting negative likes/neutrals/dislikes in creator dashboard stats display
  • ACK: Fixed a case where game could become unresponsive when connecting teleporters
  • ACK: Added Adventure Load Help for HIDE and DELETE buttons
  • ACK: Fixed not being able to navigate to “Load Previous” button with controller
  • ACK: Fixed not being able to navigate Adventure HIDE button with controller

1.0.2 (Build 5.8) Change List - 18th December 2014
  • Fixed some vase colliders being too big for their visual size
  • Reduced interaction radius on NPCs (including Characters, Books, Lecterns and Signs)
  • Fixed network loot drops being busted
  • Removed some newly added XInput dlls on WIndows that were causing problems for some people
  • Improved handling of being dropped from online server
  • Added a fallback to take the player back to the menu when disconnected from the server while in an adventure
  • Fixed Spawner On Killed event not working with Logic Blocks
  • Fixed Tab closing the loot shrine and opening the player inventory at the same time
  • Keys will now be awarded if they drop off the level (very rare occurrence)
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