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Welcome to Version 1.1.1, Build 9.0

Hey everyone, it’s been a while! Though this appears to be a small update from us, it’s actually more significant that it seems.

We have moved FTD into Unity 5.2.x and in doing so, we’ve been able to capitalise on some new performance work that Unity have been implementing. Results will vary greatly for everyone as these improvements will really only kick in when your machine CPU is struggling more than your GPU is, but in our tests we have seen anything from 5% improvement up to 20%, so we hope many of you on older or less powered hardware see some improvement.

New RETRY button
Finally, after what seems like *forever*, we have added a “retry” button to the adventure results screen for when you have failed the attempt. Now you can re-load and play the adventure without having to go back to your world map :-)

This button is only available in local adventures and campaigns, and not in online games.

1.1.1 (Build 9.0) Change List
  • Move to Unity 5.2.x
  • New retry button to re-play the same adventure again on a failed attempt

  • Updated the special abilities hint
  • Added better handling of online server regions reporting “none” as the closest region
  • Prevent the game from trying to connect to a “none” region causing server connection to fail

  • Some minor bug fixes and UI improvements
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