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Another small set of fixes and improvements - Enjoy!

  • Fixed Rat climbing animation not playing correctly
  • Potentially fixed several issues causing erratic behaviour on enemies moving around and through Teleporters
  • Fixed mouse cursor staying locked to centre of screen when opening some UI/menus while holding the middle mouse button
  • Fixed enemies turning their heads to look at the player while they were in stealth
  • Fixed barrels not resetting to their correct state when a playtest was ended while a player was holding a barrel
  • Fixed stealth sound effect not ending when stealth ends prematurely (player attacks an enemy)
  • Fixed SFX fired from the SFX Logic clip not respecting player volume settings
  • Fixed electric mine appearing in players hands permanently after using the Flash Powder ability (Rogue only)
  • Trigger enter events should now fire correctly after turning off a trigger while a player was standing inside
  • Trigger exit events should now fire if a player dies while inside a Trigger
  • Fixed report menu breaking at game over screen if player opened report menu from the pause menu during an adventure
  • Fixed characters sometimes briefly being unable to attack after dodge rolling
  • Fixed notifications staying on-screen after exiting a playtest
  • Fixed ranged weapons sometimes allowing a player to step between attacks if moving and shooting at the same time
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