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Empires, the award winning Half-Life 2 mod, combines the best of the first person shooter and real-time strategy genres. Fight as either the Northern Faction, remnants of the fallen nation of Jekotia, or as the imperial Brenodi Empire. Empires features:

Four infantry classes

Prepare a surprise attack as the scout or take the enemy head-on as the rifleman. Drive back enemy tanks as the grenadier or support your team as the engineer. With four different infantry classes, each with customizable skills, you can create the perfect class to fit your playing style.

Squad-Based Teamwork

Players can organize themselves into highly-effective squads, overwhelming their opponents with superior tactics. Squad leaders can not only direct their respective members, but also use special squad powers such as reviving dead squad members or calling down an artillery strike on the enemy.

Vehicle Combat

Whether you're ferrying troops around the battlefield with the Armored Personnel Carrier or reigning fire upon your foes with the Artillery tank, Empires features a variety of vehicular combat. Choose from six different vehicle types, including three levels of tanks, and customize your weapons, armor, and engines.

Real-Time Strategy Commander

For those more inclined to RTS gameplay, you can play as the commander. Place buildings, build defensive turrets, construct vehicles, and conduct research on your way to leading your team to victory.

With 15 official maps and dozens more community-created ones, no two matches are ever the same. Empires brings FPS/RTS gameplay to a whole new level. Join up today and see what you've been missing.


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Empires 2.5 RC1 has been released, whilst there are still some minor bugs (primarily associated with spectating) it has been decided to update the game to provide an immediate resolution to all known launch problems.

This interim release contains several bug fixes, balance changes and some commonly requested features, a full list of which can be seen below. Note that the latest Release Candidate can be seen at the top of the list, with the older versions below it.

RC4 Changelog


+ Added "mp_falldamage_amount", the amount of health lost from falling if mp_falldamage is set to 0
+ Added a new command, "emp_eng_remove_walls", which will recycle all of an engineer's walls
+ Added briefing for emp_urbanchaos
+ Added new default server.cfg. This features many improvements over the old one.


* (RC3) Missing shotgun GUI icon when getting ammo from ammo box
* (RC3) Missing shotgun kill icons
* Several exploits on emp_slaughtered resolved.
* Bio damage over time would prevent repair pads from repairing your tank
* Another crash bug.
* Some map briefing fixes
* Fixed shiny pipes in sewers of district.
* Resolved several console errors.


/ Added 4 additional pellets to shotgun shells
/ New version of emp_chain. (Better lighting, several buildings improved and other minor changes)
/ New version of emp_bush. (Minor optimisations and slightly less intense HDR)
/ Reduced health of jeeps (200->150)
/ Reduced cost of jeeps by 10 resources for both teams

RC3 Changelog


+ Added shotguns as a weapon for the scout class.
+ Readded quick start guide to game menus.
+ Added a variety of error messages to allow users to see the reason that is preventing them from spawning.
+ Added map briefings for Mvalley, Duststorm, Money, Coast and Bush (keep them coming guys :))
+ Added more LOD's to palm trees, and the trees on slaughtered, some palm trees now also have animations.


* Players previously had to reselect spawn point if attempting to spawn whilst it was blocked.
* Exploit that allowed players to block spawnpoints.
* Drivers and passengers now exit on the correct side of the BE jeep.
* BE APC had missing snow camouflage on its turret.
* Fixed "Failed to find next rank title" error in console
* (RC1) Black panel partially covering scoreboard.


/ Players on the same team no longer collide.
/ Building smoke has been moved to better places.
/ Some modifications to crate models.
/ Moved props around in BE barracks to more accurately reflect the collision model.
/ Spawn error messages no longer disappear until the error is resolved.
/ Experimental base swap feature reactivated.

Script Changes: (RC 3.5)

/Engineer: Now has Shotgun
/Rifleman: Now has Ranged Rifle
/All Sidearms: Melee Damage 50 -> 40
/All Primaries (with melee): Melee Damage 50 -> 70
/Shotguns: Minimal damage 7 -> 9, Damage 10 -> 12, All accuracy/spread penalties resulting from moving or repeated fire removed. Basically, the weapon always has the same spread now, though being crouched or prone will affect it.
/BEAR: Accuracy modifier for Ironsights: 0.65 -> 0.60
/NFAR: Accuracy modifier for Ironsights: 0.90 -> 0.80
/NFHR: Accuracy modifier for Ironsights: 0.85 -> 0.60
/Shotgun Pistol: Damage 12 -> 10
/Ranged Rifle: Clip Size 10 -> 5, Base damage 45 -> 75, This will affect body shots, but not Headshots, which are unchanged. Stamina based Scope swap has been removed, there's now a constant but minimal amount of sway that's unaffected by stamina or anything else.

RC2 Changelog


+ Empires specific tray icon when game is minimised.
+ Set up a default Gameconfig.txt file for using editing tools.
+ Map briefing for emp_chain


* Exploit that allowed a commander to suicide and be revived at the place he died.
* Ocassional crash / popup stating that an assert has been raised should be resolved.
* "The word "selection" in the upper left of the Team Selection panel was cut off"
* Console spam (Too many popups! Rendering will be bad!) caused by having 3 or more windows open (e.g. in options->video-> advanced menu).


/ Increasing tickets on emp_arid by 50%
/ More suitable configuration for new players (increased rate to remove lag in highly populated servers)

RC1 Changelog


+ Ported to Source 2013 Engine (All launch problems resolved).
+ Only download required to play is the base Empires download (Source 2007/2013 base files no longer needed).
+ Added shift build for commanders (Shift can now be held to drop multiple buildings of the same type).
+ Doing a melee attack whilst playing as infantry will interrupt reloading.
+ Vehicle weapons now have reload sounds. (Audible both within and outside the vehicle).
+ Vehicle canons will now quickly reload whilst close to an ammo box/armoury/repair pad.
+ Vehicle and armour damage gradually changes colour depending on damage levels.
+ More controls have been bound by default for new players.
+ New names and descriptions for infantry weapons.
+ New map descriptions (Arid, Canyon, Crossroads, Cyclopean and Isle).


* Fission Engine overheat bug.
* Fixed some incorrect skill descriptions.
* Fixed missing bushes on emp_midbridge.
* emp_sv_wait_phase_time now updates dynamically (Used on conquest maps to set delay before map start).


/ Updated Empires quickstart guide and manual.
/ Changed default scout skill from hide to enhanced senses to promote teamplay.
/ Changed resource income on streetsoffire (-10%), duststorm (-5%), slaughtered (-5%) and canyon (+5%)
/ Stamina upgrade now doubles class adjusted stamina regeneration instead of base stamina regeneration.

Script Changes:

/ Buildings: Resistance vs Explosive Damage Type 85% -> 90% (Will affect HE CN, GL and UGL) - These weapons were never meant to be anti-building. *EXCLUDES TURRETS, CAMERAS, RADARS & WALLS*

Vehicle Armour:

/ Absorbant Armour: Cost 10 -> 5
/ Composite Armour: Regeneration 0.03 -> 0.02, Health 80 -> 75
/ Regenerative Armour: Regeneration 0.1 -> 0.08

Vehicle Engines:

/ 3phase Engine:
Meds: Max Speed 50 -> 45
Heavies/Artillery: Max Speed 45 -> 40
All Vehicles: Passive Heat output while moving 2 -> 3

/ Fission Engine:
Fixed overheat bug

/ Gas Turbine Engine:
Updated description: "This engine excels in raw horsepower, gaining more as the vehicle becomes more damaged. It is much lighter and cheaper than other engines."

Vehicle Weapons:

/ STD MG: Damage 30 -> 35, Projectile Spread 0.02 -> 0.015, Clip Size 50 -> 60, Reload Time 5.0 -> 3.5
/ CG: Damage 19 -> 22, Weight 60 -> 50
/ MCG: Damage 29 -> 33
/ HEMG: Damage 20 -> 24, Projectile Spread 0.015 -> 0.01, Clip Size 30 -> 40
/ Standard Canon : Damage 40 -> 50, Inertia 2.0 -> 1.5 *TEMP CHANGE* Clip Size 30 -> 10, Total Ammo Clips 0 -> 4
/ Extended Range Canon: Inertia 1.0 -> 0.5
/ High Explosive Canon: Damage 75 -> 65, Explosion Radius 400 -> 450, Inertia 2.5 -> 3.0
/ STD ML: Damage 40 -> 50
/ UML: Speed 1800 -> 2500, Clip Size 6 -> 7, Total Ammo Clips 6 -> 7
/ BIO ML: Player Bio Damage 10 -> 5, Player Bio Time 15 -> 30
/ Salvo: Total Ammo Clips 6 -> 10, Clip Size 4 -> 5
/ Guided ML: Damage 50 -> 60
/ Salvo Homing: Damage 43 -> 50
/ UGL: Clip Size 12 -> 8

Vehicle Chassis:

/ APC Base Cost: 50 -> 20
/ APC Base Weight: 30 -> 10
/ LT/AFV/Med/Heavy/Arty Base Cost: 70 -> 30
/ LT/AFV/Med/Heavy/Arty Base Weight: 30 -> 10
/ AFV: Base Cost 150 -> 100
/ LT: Base Cost 200 -> 150
/ NF Med Tank: Max armour plates per side: 4 -> 5, Base Weight 712 -> 632, Base Cost 300 -> 200
/ NF Heavy Tank: Max armour plates per side: 6 -> 7, Base Weight 926 -> 846, Base Cost 900 -> 800
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