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Empires, the award winning Half-Life 2 mod, combines the best of the first person shooter and real-time strategy genres. Fight as either the Northern Faction, remnants of the fallen nation of Jekotia, or as the imperial Brenodi Empire. Empires features:

Four infantry classes

Prepare a surprise attack as the scout or take the enemy head-on as the rifleman. Drive back enemy tanks as the grenadier or support your team as the engineer. With four different infantry classes, each with customizable skills, you can create the perfect class to fit your playing style.

Squad-Based Teamwork

Players can organize themselves into highly-effective squads, overwhelming their opponents with superior tactics. Squad leaders can not only direct their respective members, but also use special squad powers such as reviving dead squad members or calling down an artillery strike on the enemy.

Vehicle Combat

Whether you're ferrying troops around the battlefield with the Armored Personnel Carrier or reigning fire upon your foes with the Artillery tank, Empires features a variety of vehicular combat. Choose from six different vehicle types, including three levels of tanks, and customize your weapons, armor, and engines.

Real-Time Strategy Commander

For those more inclined to RTS gameplay, you can play as the commander. Place buildings, build defensive turrets, construct vehicles, and conduct research on your way to leading your team to victory.

With 15 official maps and dozens more community-created ones, no two matches are ever the same. Empires brings FPS/RTS gameplay to a whole new level. Join up today and see what you've been missing.


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After a bit of a wait, 2.51 is ready. This release is mainly bugfixes and balance changes, but some of the bugs are pretty major and have afflicted the game for a long time, so it's pretty major that we've finally managed to track them down (collisions!). The GUI overhaul is on the horizon, so until then, enjoy Empires 2.51.


New briefing for emp_midbridge
New flagpole models and flags in modles/props/flagpole
New shotgun sounds for shotguns
New death sounds
New looped sounds for all standard non-specialized MGs
New Explosion sounds for most Vehicle cannons (larger variety of explosions)
Updated and expanded Vehicle cannon sounds

Reviving suicided players no longer gives a point
Fixed the game killing players when jumping into the side of a building
Fixed the NF camera/radar models being used for the BE engineers' previews
Fixed the binocular zoom exploit
Fixed collisions
Fixed the shotgun exploit
Fixed sticky grenades disappearing when hitting glass; they now go through as normal grenades
emp_sv_wait_phase_time now properly updates dynamically
Fixed players being able to launch slow RPG's
Fixed certain instances of bouncing mortars
Fixed circumventing emp_forceautoassign by using jointeam in console
Fixed a rapid wall recycle exploit
Fixed commanderless maps having their wait time start at map load
Fixed engineers not getting rank bonuses
Fixed sprays not working for some players
Fixed the game saying "Press Attack to Spawn" while out of reinforcements
Fixed view offset issues while spectating in first-person
Fixed reflective issues on emp_chain and emp_bush
Fixed holes in glycencity
Fixed shotgun not being selected by default when spawning

Bio weapons no longer remove stamina from infantry
Engineers now receive rank bonuses the moment they rank up
Mines now check if they're floating and fall if they are
Changed vehicle MG's to support looping sound files
Changed the starting music to the BF1942 version
Updated emp_money for HDR lighting and to fix an exploit
Major visual update for emp_canyon
Optimized emp_cyclopean
Added more maps to the default mapcycle
Slowed down the BE shotgun's melee speed

Vehicle Scripts
Reflective - HP 65 -> 70
Absorbant - HP 60 -> 65

3phase - Heat production while moving 3 -> 4

Std MG - Damage 35 -> 30, Falloff 2500 -> 2000, Minimal Damage (after Falloff) 25 -> 15
BioMG - Reload time 5 -> 10
Std ML - Damage 50 -> 40
Bio ML - Clip Size 3 -> 5, DamageTimePlayer 30 -> 15 (50% reduction in overall DoT), DamageVehiclePerSec 15 -> 10 (33% reduction in overall DoT)
Guided ML - Damage 60 -> 70

BE Jeep - Cost 35 -> 20
NF Jeep - Cost 50 -> 25

Infantry Scripts
BE Pistol 2 - Clip Size 7 -> 6, Slightly increased spread due to repeated firing, Maximum Ammo 21 -> 18, Spawn Ammo 14 -> 12
BE Rifle 1 - Clip Size 20 -> 30, Maximum Ammo 80 -> 120, Spawn Ammo 80 -> 90
BE/NF Shotgun - Cycle time 1.0 -> 0.7
NFHR - Damage 35 -> 40
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