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Robotic Slavinator Feb 24 @ 6:19pm 
Glad I paid for ED, very much so a solid game, hope to see it go further, and hopefully we'll see atmospheric flight one day
ACEinONYX Feb 19 @ 10:33am 
Harbinger, good stuff; though I might add that expenses such as "building rent & equipment" might safely be expense-divided across the various IPs (eg incl Rollercoaster Tycoon etc) that Frontier manages / produces / creates. ;)

I think it's fair to say that NOT ALWAYS will "funds raised" equate to quality of product, and not even "budget" can be equated that way... Development obvs has many factors affecting it, so I daresay that any statements attempting to attribute any relationship between product quality and a quantity of money is, really, grasping at straws.... to be perfectly fair.

The US Military attributes one nut+bolt an approx cost of $$thousands, instead of the pennies you might get them for, at the hardware store... if only cuz they "need" to have high numbers to "get the bugdet" for next year. I daresay that kind of foolery is ridiculously arbitrary. (I'm generalising; it's not a recorded fact.)
Jonty Feb 18 @ 9:23pm 
As an investor in SC, I'm not holding my breath on ever seeing it released.
KinokoSama Feb 16 @ 10:57am 
Don't confuse "funding" with "budget". Just because RSI has raised 143 million does not mean they have spent it all on development. They have a butlload of money left to spend working on it.

Also, 143 million divided by 4 million != "143 times" the budget.
It's actually only 35.75 times the funding of ED, assuming the 4 million figure is correct, which I believe it's not.

That said, I don't think Star Citizen in its current state is "better" than ED. The mechanics that are currently implemented are basically the opposite of everything ED has. It's impossible to compare the two in their current states.
Harbinger Feb 16 @ 7:29am 
Elite Dangerous' budget was a little higher than $4m. For the 1.0 version they had an £8m ($12m) budget, 1/5 of which came from the Kickstarter, 4/5 of which came from Frontier launching on the London Stock Exchange and post-Kickstarter Alpha/Beta/pre-order sales.

Four years into development I estimate (based upon their public accounts) that Frontier have probably spent around £25m GBP ($38m based upon average exchange rates over the last 4 years) on the development of the game, probably more if you take server costs, building rent & equipment costs into account.

Basically Elite Dangerous has been built to the stage it's at now on around 1/4 of Star Citizen's budget.
French Catholic Feb 16 @ 6:20am 
just found a sentence from kickstarter ED page :

" We have an ambitious goal for landings to include new gameplay and a rich variety of worlds to explore. To achieve our goal we want the planets to come to life. We also want to add leaving the ships so you can explore space stations or board enemy vessels or even just to look around your own."

So yes, walking IS in the plan.
French Catholic Feb 16 @ 6:13am 
Star citizen budget : 143 000 000 dollars

Elite dangerous : around 4 000 000 dollars

In my eye, for now, SC isn't 143x times better than elite.
For course, SC will be better at the end and even before.

By the way, ED doing very good with their ressources.

ED , start a new crownfonding campaing, get money, get people, get faster
Harbinger Feb 16 @ 4:17am 
Frontier have never done anything in their back catalogue which has utilised FPS so unlike pretty much every off the shelf engine Cobra simply didn't have First Person support. This is something that has changed of late. In working on Planet Coaster their developers added a rudimentary first person walking mode (accessible via the 'tegidcam' cheat code) in Alpha 2 of that game back in May 2016. This coupled with the new avatars coming in Elite Dangerous 2.3 means that the Cobra Engine now has the prerequisite R&D done in order to make first person walking a possibility in post 2.3 versions of Elite Dangerous.

I wouldn't be surprised if first person walking is a lot closer than you may believe. [2/2]
Harbinger Feb 16 @ 4:17am 
@Solus walking around has always been on the agenda and something that most of the developers stated they couldn't wait to see as far back as November 2014 when the game was on the cusp of it's retail launch.

As to why not add it sooner. Frontier doesn't use an off the shelf engine like Unreal, CryEngine, Unity etc. They use their own bespoke in-house engine called Cobra, something they've been iterating on and expanding with the R&D from their 23 years developing games. [1/2]
vinurd Feb 16 @ 3:28am 
что надо нажать что бы камера смотрела на корабль?