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Greetings commanders, we've updated Elite to 2.3.11. Below are the patch notes for this update.

Stability Fixes
  • Fixed a crash involving Fighters.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using the vanity camera shortcut while viewing the System/Surface Map.

General Fixes & Tweaks
  • Overworked Air Traffic Controllers will no longer greet pilots as they are leaving.

  • We no longer award micro resources that are not used for anything as mission rewards.
  • Various mission tweaks and fixes.

Console Notes
  • Xbox, PlayStation 4: Fix for the welcome mission not appearing for new commanders.
  • PlayStation 4: Fix for a bug where the game ran at an accelerated speed after resuming from Rest Mode.
  • PlayStation 4: General client progression-flow fixes for new commanders.

(Apologies for the delayed posting here!)
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