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Welcome to Dawn of Fantasy Kingdom Wars Steam Group!

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This is a friendly place to talk about DoF, and directly ask developers questions about the game. We are a small Indie company and do what we can to put our players first - so don`t be shy and we`ll do our best to try and help out.

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Finally, the long awaited announcement! Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars is going FREE-TO-PLAY this September!

Thousands of new players will build their empires and battle online without having to pay anything. We are also taking good care of our current players with a huge update - transforming the game with a lot of new content, new features, and massive changes to gameplay and balance.

And the best news - we are keeping Kingdom Wars as a game of skill, not bigger wallets. Kingdom Wars will NOT become a Pay to Win game, with micro-transactions only adding cosmetic items and decorations.

With just a few weeks left before the f2p launch, we wanted to extend a great "pre-order" offer of sorts to the new players, offering the game on sale for $4.99. This is a great chance to get a head-start on thousands of players to follow, as well as to get over $20 of content, that the new f2p players will have to unlock.

What's in it for our current players?
Very soon we'll have a game world alive with more players than ever before, with thousands of new players to fight and coop, as well as continuous updates for Kingdom Wars. All that comes with expanding our player population that's only possible with free-to-play business model.

Our loyal players, who paid for the game in the past, will not have any regrets about buying the game. Our players will get:

- All your town progress carried over, and start as elite in the new f2p game world. But it wont be long before new players to catch up
- The majority of micro-transaction content unlocked. Content that f2p players would need to spend over $20 to get
- A premium account, so that you can earn crowns from combat and quests twice as fast

What`s New?
We are planning to release all the new content in a patch later in August, before our free-to-play release in September.

Some of the new content and changes includes:
-Login using Steam Login and play using Steam client
-Gameplay and balance reworked from the ground up
-Countless bug fixes, and performance improvements
-Greatly expanded mod support team available around the clock
-More City Slots so you can play as more races/regions
-Removed the old Crown item shop, all elite units like Dragons are accessible from buildings like regular units
-Several new buildings for each race, including Market buildings for Orcs and Elves
-Select the colour of your soldiers armour
-Customize your Hero's armour, face and heraldry
-Design your army banner with colours, patterns and heraldry
-Decorate your buildings and battalions with your banner and flag
-Customize your town with different building materials
-Utilize one time use booster packs to give your town a kickstart
-Utilize Premium Account to temporarily boost quest and pvp rewards

NOT Pay-To-Win
With Kingdom Wars going free-to-play our primary goal is not to make hoards of gold, but to create a large player community that know about our games and hopefully like them enough to maybe spend a few dollars here and there to help support us.

We have considered different options for monetization, taking into consideration player suggestions and trying to avoid the common pay2win traps, and we think we have come up with a good model. Even now, things are not set in stone, as we will continue consulting with our players over the next month to come up with the system that makes everyone happy.

We hope you are all as excited as we are about this and we look forward to seeing you all in-game soon.
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