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Welcome to Dawn of Fantasy Kingdom Wars Steam Group!

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This is a friendly place to talk about DoF, and directly ask developers questions about the game. We are a small Indie company and do what we can to put our players first - so don`t be shy and we`ll do our best to try and help out.

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As you might know, we are going Free-to-Play with Kingdom Wars later this month, and all of us hope, and expect our player base to skyrocket. As it was from the start - our goal is to continue answering every question from our players - in-game, forums, or email. It won`t be easy - but we hope that with our expanded team of Moderators - we`ll be able to face this challenge.

So as you might have guessed - we are expanding our staff to hire a dozen of new moderators. We'll be recruiting from our loyal player base, and these veterans will be able to help our newest players settle in, as well as to have direct commutation with developers, and help improve and shape the game in the future.

Our greatly expanding team is highly organized, with core team of 3 leads and 8 head moderators who`ll help you get started and turn this part-time work into an enjoyable and memorable experience. We believe that being a moderator is not a tedious, routine job, but a fun, and important role to play in the game`s community.

-Have spent at least 30 hours in-game. Preference will be given to players with 50+ hours.
-Available to Moderate in-game or in the forums for 16-25 hours per week
-Availability to attend Moderators team meetings at 3pm EST, at least twice a month

-Spend “working” time inside the game`s chat. Helping new players get started, answering questions about features and potential bugs.
-Keep an eye out on players losing units and or resources and refund them accordingly.
-Monitor trouble makers and applying chat bans. Reporting more serious offenders to Head Moderators for a permanent ban
-Recording your weekly activity - players helped, amount of compensation resources sent, and submitting a small weekly check list to Lead Moderators
-Install Developers build of the game, and occasionally work directly with Dev Team on testing new content before it`s released to the public
-Moderators are not allowed to join or host alliances. If you are promoted to a Head Moderator, you will also loose ability to PvP
-Be patient with plyers. Understand not all players know everything in game, and for many English is not their first language. Or some players might still be just a few years old, and can`t be expected to follow instructions well
-Finally - try to log into the game at least every other game, and have fun! Even though this is a job, we wan't you to enjoy your time, and help shape the community.

-Moderators who have good performance for at least 1 month, will be given in-game credit
-Each month few best moderators will receive $ bonus, around $300
-Strong possibility of promotion to Head or Lead moderators, monthly salaried position. Typical time for promotion - 2 months of good service
-Access to developers build - try new content months before it`s available
-Access to all the game has to offer - keep in mind though, that we restrict the mods can interact with other players - no alliances for regular mods, no pvp for head mods e.t.c
-Weekly communication with the development team, and after a month personal Skype access to development team. We`ll listen to your feedback, suggestions e.t.c. This is your chance to shape the game
-Half of our current employees have originally joined the team as volunteer moderators. If you have skills, talents, and want to pursue career with Reverie - this is the best way to get your foot in the door, to move in to take over Game Designer, QA, Sound Designer, Art positions in the company.

How to Apply:
If your Application is chosen you will be contacted and interviewed via Skype. Only successful candidates will be contacted. We expect to finish recruitment by October 16th

Please follow exact format listed bellow, and submit all application to our Community Manager - Brandon Allgood:
Send Your Application Titled as “Kingdom Wars Moderator App”

What to Include:
-Your Name, Skype contact, Email contact, Country you live in
-Steam username, Your Steam ID (64 bit)
-Kingdom Wars public forums username (register one if you don`t have one yet)
-Availability: Please provide times in EST timezone values, like Tuesday 4pm-10pm, Friday - busy all day e.t.c

-Community Status: Please mention If we have spoken to you before via PM or in-game chat, or if some of the existent mods referred you, or if you have been with Kingdom Wars for a very long time. And if you have other involvement in the gaming community - Such as your Youtube or Website or if you were a Mod in other games e.t.c. List your responsibilities.
-In under 300 words, please describe why you would be a good candidate, and how you would improve Kingdom Wars. More info the better, but please keep it under 300 words - our chance to see how well you can present information in condensed format
-How many time per month, are you able to make our Mod Team meetings? To recall - We hold weekly meetings every Thursday @ 3PM EST. You must be able to attend at least twice a month.

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