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Dark Horizons Mechanized Corps
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Update to
We pushed a emergency update to ( Saturday that fixes aiming bug found in first person mode. We also fixed 2 crash bugs. We will have another update this week with new missions.

We are currently working on many new features which is why its been awhile for a new patch. We are at the point we can start releasing new patches again, and should be doing so more frequently.


- Sniper cannon for Switchblade and Viper Chassis, has a 2 km range
- New zoom levels (default key is Z)
- Torso lag added, similar to turret lag on tank game. Allows you to look around a little faster then your torso rotates. (CAN LOCK TORSO in options menu)
- Brimstone and Hellfire lasers currently follow the camera and not the torso. FEEDBACK needed.
- Default throttle change to not stick, optional sticking throttle with -/+ keys and are rebind-able
- Added more feedback when hit by explosive weapons such as rockets and missiles
- Added full screen damage affect

- Increased visible distance on all missions to accommodate
- Updated several weapons with increase muzzle velocity.
- Balanced weapons to allow for a bit faster pace to combat.
- Updated Coastal mission with layout changes and new buildings
- Added menu music
- Changed mech stomp sounds to vary
- Added explosion to destroyed weapons
- Power plant now explodes on downed mech
- Removed friendly names unless targeted
- Fixed mounting issue with targeting laser on Abolisher
- Fixed issues with 360 controller
- Fixed issues with mouse sensitivity. Slider now works correctly
- Fixed issues with under water FX staying on when leaving game

- Bug Fixes for crash report
- Bug fixes to AI
- further updates to balancing
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