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Dark Horizons Mechanized Corps
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Happy Holidays from the team here at Max Gaming. We wanted to be able to give those whom have ben supporting us something new before we are out for the next week, and we are excited to share we you some new features.

New Cockpit views

Each chassis now has a unique cockpit in first person mode.
*To go into cockpit view in-game by default hit the TAB key

Faction Wars Update #1

A first step toward Factions Wars this patch sets the ground work for character progression and Squads.

- You now gain XP during battles and gain levels and rank. Currently levels only unlock the ability to create a squad but they also form part of the base core for Faction Wars and will affect the game further in the future.
- Squads - You can create a squad at level 7 and you can invite other people to your squad via the global chat interface.
- Squad stats are recorded in battle and are displayed on the Squads screen.

We are looking to reward the current Early Access adopters for their support at the beginning of the new year with some sort of visual badge. Stay tuned!

Other updates

- Updated faction wars map image to introduce the new look coming in Faction Wars Update #2

What we are working on next

We have a series of patches planned and in progress for the beginning of the new year. We will be following up first with patch which will include new mission environments.

Other coming update:
More Faction Wars
- factions
- new level unlocks
- territory wars
- More weapons to customize your chassis
- Linux Alpha.
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