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The update is finally here on all three platforms! (C64, Amiga, and Sinclair Spectrum?)

I know it has taken a while, but we are in the midst of developing THREE new top-down-shooters for you guys.

JYDGE is arriving[], you know.

Anyway, to recap all the changes in Crimsonland 1.2.3, here's a list:

Perks and XP:
-Perk experience level requirements for level 5 and up have been lowered significantly. This simply means you will get more perks, and you will get more perks even if you get ridiculously high scores.
-Anxious Loader perk is now replaced with new perk Slow Time, High Damage. You do quad damage while reflex powerup is active, but its duration is halved. You will also do 50% more damage all around if you've also got Reflex Boosted perk.
-New perk Bad Blood which slows down enemies and makes them weaker (less HP).
-Removed Veins of Poison perk.
-Ammo Within now shoot FIREBULLETS while you're reloading.
-Ninja now has 50% chance of dodging an attack instead of 33%.
-Man Bomb now makes you explode each time you collect a powerup instead of just standing still for a few seconds.
-Hot Tempered now erupts every 2 to 5 seconds instead of 2 to 10 seconds and shoots firebullets and plasma now.
-Highlander doesn't take damage from Ammo Within.
-Sharpshooter also doesn't slow down reload but you get one extra bullet to your clip instead.
-Instant Winner gives you 5k points or 10% of your total points which ever is the highest.
-Grim Deal now gives you 66% more experience instead of 6%+6%+6%=18%.
-Fatal Lottery now gives you 66k experience points.
-Mr. Melee now does a lot more damage and works even when you have shield enabled. It also makes monsters bleed after being hit.
-Tough Reloader now makes you invulnerable while reloading.
-Breathing Room kills all creatures on screen but takes 99% of your health now. You will also get the experience.
-Lifeline now gives you experience points for the removed creatures.
-Bandage now restores full health.
-Stationary Reloader now boosts reloading speed by 50% and has a chance to freeze the monsters around when you start reloading.
-Fire Cough now activates every 1-3 seconds instead of 2-5 seconds.
-Living Fortress now also reduces the damage you take if you stand still.
-Final Revenge radius is increased 20% and you get all score 2x.
-Fast Shot now shoots bullets even faster.
-More bosses are spawned for VERY long games in survival. Also more bosses were added.
-Lean Mean Exp Machine now gives you more xp based on the time you've played. The perk is also multipickable.
-Pyromaniac now increases flame weapon range A LOT. Also the damage is increased slightly (1.5x -> 1.6x).
-Pyromaniac perk also affects plasma weapons.
-Ion Gun Master damage and radius increased. Damage from 1.3x to 1.5x and radius from 1.3x to 1.4x.
-Jinxed doesn't damage the player anymore. You may see blood stains appearing around the player but no damage is dealt. Instead every 1-2 second a monster dies automatically as long as there are more than 10 monsters alive.
-New perk Cold-blooded added. Each time you take melee damage, everyone around you are frozen. Requires Highland perk.
-Toxic Avenger won the Worst Perk Ever award and is removed completely.
-Plaguebearer boosted: monsters lose resistance to the plague it every 20 seconds.
-Sharpshooter perk now enables you to move camera a bit to the direction you're aiming at.
-Perk Expert now lowers level xp limit by 10% and Perk Master 30% in addition to their other effects.
-Random weapon now lets you pick the random weapon.
-Man Bomb boosts Angry Reloader.
-Pyromaniac boosts Fire Caugh.
-Sharpshooter and Doctor combo gives you 20% extra damage.
-Jinxed has new undisclosed effects on other perks.

Weapon tweaks:

-Blade Gun damage increased 50%.
-Pulse Gun now pushes multiple creatures backwards. Also it instantly gibs creatures with less than 50 points of health or less than 15% of maximum health.

Typo'o'shooter Tweaks:
-The camera now zooms out so you can see even more view than with Eagle Eyes perk.
-Semibosses! Bigger monsters that have 10x more HP. (Can still be one-shotted with point blank shotgun shot.)
-Regular monsters don't one-shot you. (They deal 40 damage per hit and you have 100 at start).
-Your shotgun shoots more projectiles per shot -- making it more likely you hit something at a distance.
-Words don't get so complex so quickly. Three part words are very very rare. (At least with my typing skills :p)

And misc tweaks and bug fixes:
-Added Gameplay options for running the game at 1.5x speed. You can blitzify all game modes now.
-Plasma Overload powerup now does a lot more damage.
-Gauss Minigun clip size is TRIPLED from 8 to 24, fire rate is increased ~15%, and the accuracy slightly decreased.
-Perks shown in highscores now scroll to show all max 16 of them instead of capping at 11.
-Splitter Gun is now more powerful and also makes your firebullets split.
-Regression bullets no longer affect the difficulty: the game will get more difficult even if you shoot your score to zero.
-Frozen monsters take slightly more damage when shot.
-Fixed a few misc bugs.

Let me know what you think!

We'll start brewing the version 1.3.x soon. Rumor has it it has 10 new quest levels and a new eighth survival mode...
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